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Well, people often visit Howrah just to travel or to board a train. But here’s a new thing in Howrah in which you can visit the railway museum to see some old and fascinating beauties of the eastern railway. Getting down on the Howrah bus stand. You can walk straight from the old Howrah station towards the new Howrah station and it will take hardly around 5 minutes to reach the Howrah railway museum. This is an underrated place in kolkata but this place displays a broad history of the eastern railways.
Visitors are allowed every day from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
The entry ticket will cost you rupees 30 per person. Outside food is strictly not allowed inside the premises of the horror railway museum.
The Howrah railway museum what established in 2006 and the place has a  well maintained.
On entering the museum you will find a 3403 YG which is a 6-cylinder diesel engine that used to generate a power of 720 HP it was manufactured by Tata Locomotive and engineering co Ltd. The train which you can see in its current form today was refurbished in the Liluah workshop. The train in its time used to be a luxury train as you will encounter some ancient wooden furniture along with a centre table with teapots. 
Besides the 3403 YG engine, you will see some old miniature models of some locomotives also like wdm2 second class engine, the Black Beauty train, a locomotive for coal transport, Silver Arrow train. 
You will also find a narrow gauge steam Locomotive 799B just beside 3403 YG. The train was manufactured by not British company limited at Glasgow in the year 1926, the train got retired from its duty on 18th September 1996. The engine also has a deluxe first-class chair car attached to it with a furnished interior.
Along with this, there is also a Hall of Fame in which you will see some history of the trains along with the evolution of locomotive carriages and the whole transition from the old steam engine to modern-day electrical locomotives if the locomotive fascinates you then this is probably the best place to get an idea of the rich engineering since history.
Behind the ticket counter, you will find the first coach that was manufactured for TOLLYGUNGE DUM DUM METRO RAILWAY. It was a non-AC metro coach at that time.
Behind it, you will find Indians that are really fascinating. If you are an aspirant loco pilot, then the Howrah railway museum of Kolkata is probably the best place for you.
After the metro railway, you will get to encounter a narrow gauge steam logo BK13 which was built by WG Bagnail & Co at Starfford England. The train started its journey from the year 1917 between Katwa-Bardhaman and Katwa Ahmedpur till 1992.
Behind it you will see a train with a hydraulic crane  GOTON STEAM CRANE NUMBER 301 which can lift up a weight of 30 tons and was used in distress situations or in any kind of train accident.
Behind it, you will see a garage wagon which was manufactured in the year 1910 and is donated to the horror railway museum by the Kachrapara workshop.
You will also encounter a special train of East Pakistan Railway HP S32 , but we need to get into some history to know why the train is here in the horror railway workshop. In 1971 fight this trail which was of East Pakistan presently Bangladesh mistakenly entered the Indian boundaries and was captured by the Indian army. Since then, the train was kept in a disputed state in the bundle workshop, but presently it is kept in the horror railway museum.
You can also see a railbus in the Howrah railway museum which you can really see in today’s modern generation.
You will also see a place where you can see several ancient duck tickets issued for the eastern railways. After that, you will find a place called Virasat which gives you a display of the uniform that the employees used to wear at the time.
Besides that, you will also get to see a place where you can see several equipment to transmit signals and messages from one railway station to another like several types of lighting, electric bill, telephone receiver, shelf-type relay, etc.
Besides that, you will find a room in which the whole railway system is explained in a model.
At the centre of the horror railway museum, you will see the first-ever model of a steam locomotive from where the journey started.
Opposite the museum, you will find a red building which is just a replica of the Howrah railway station which serves as a railway museum or the Hall of Heritage in which you will get to see the rich heritage of the eastern railway and the Howrah railway building in terms of photographs & art, like the saga of Howrah railway station, miniature models of the Howrah railway station & several instruments used by the railway workers
You can also find a monument in which the history of the Southeastern Railway, kolkata metro Railway, and East Coach Railway is engraved.
You can also enjoy a toy train right here which has a fair of rupees 30 per person which will take you on a short tour of the whole park. You will get a few options for food here. Children’s amusement is also present like trampolines and slips.

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