Top 10 Old Cabin Restaurants You Must Try in Once

Cabin Restaurants Of Kolkata

The cabin culture of Kolkata is indeed an old-fashioned restaurant type which is still in existence and almost every cabin in kolkata has a unique speciality in terms of the food served and the ambience that the people get here. In the modern era of cafes, pubs and restaurants the cabin culture of Kolkata is still finding its root to the heart of many people with its food and its ambience. If we go deep into the cabin culture of Kolkata, we can see that its existence comes from the British era.

Let’s move 150 years back, when there used to be no internet or any modern forms of communication. To understand the meaning of the word cabin culture in Calcutta where it used to be a small booth in a restaurant separated by a wall or a wooden panel, mostly curtains which surprisingly served as a place of dates or long form of  “addas” etc. Cabin culture in Kolkata is still thriving and the people of Kolkata recognize cabins as low-hanging ceilings with greasy walls and they give us a vintage feeling of the ’90s. The walls of the old cabins of Kolkata have encountered several secret meetings, the words of freedom fighters the words of several men and women who enjoyed their dinners or a date over a deep-fried egg devil with kasundi or a shallow fried mughlai or any other dish. The cabin culture in Kolkata actually promoted family dining in an era where men and women were not supposed to dine together outside their houses. Strangely or surprisingly the cabin culture of Kolkata gives birth to several poets, authors and freedom fighters because of the love for food, literature, architecture etc.

If you are a food lover and love roaming out on the streets and gullies of Kolkata, then it’s a suggestion from us to try out some cabins, especially those known for their famous food. Here’s a list of all those you can choose your special one according to your choice of food and ambience.

Top 10 Old Cabin Restaurants in Kolkata


Located in the heart of college street,kolkata  Dilkusa Cabin is more than 110 years old cabin of the city of Joy and a unique type of cabin which still holds the heritage and culture of food along with the cabin culture.

Mostly the cabin culture in Kolkata is famous for its private spacing, separated by walls or wooden partision to spend some personal and quality time with families and friends. Dilkhusha Cabin is also one of those cabins which holds the heritage of the cabin culture of kolkata. But to grow up with the modernization, the cabin has moved to a restaurant type to keep the crowd engaging with the generation. But still, this cabin is one of the most popular cabins in the town because of the quality of food they serve which holds the emotions & culture of the people of Kolkata. And you can also feel the nostalgia while having the food. The most popular food of this Dilkusa Cabin of Kolkata is chilli chicken, chow mein, mughlai paratha, fish kabiraji, chicken kabiraji, mutton Breast cutlet and the flavour of kasundi makes it a bit more emotional to Bengalis as the people of Kolkata Love to eat fried food with kasundi. The fish fries or the chicken fries or cutlets, especially of the cabin culture, is an emotion to every Bengalis.

And if you go buy Kolkata Tales suggestion then we would recommend you to go for mutton breast cutlet and the fish kabiraji. But we will definitely not recommend you to go for any Chinese cuisine here because the fries are much tastier than the meals.


If you are a fan of North Kolkata and you are on a food hunt in North Kolkata, then you can’t miss out on the 90-year-old cabin of Kolkata That is the Dhiren Cabin. In spite of the modernization, Dhiren Cabin is special because of the heritage that it is still holding. You can still find separate cabins here inside in which you can spend some quality time with your friends and family. The cabin was established in 1938 by Dhirendranath Dey and it is told that this is the cabin where “Uttam Kumar” used to visit for its special food items. As usual, the cabins are quite famous for their fried items and this particular cabin is also famous for egg devil, mutton breast cutlet, fish cutlet, Mughlai paratha, dahi chicken, mutton curry, chicken stew, sliced bread etc. But in this cabin as per our experience the food will be likely on the sweeter side and if you’re expecting the food to be a bit spicy, then this may disappoint you. But the quality of the food and the ambience will never disappoint you.

We will definitely recommend you try the egg devil, mutton breast cutlet and the fish roll as they are probably the signature item of this cabin. The egg devil will be a little bit on the sweeter part, but the taste of the minced mutton will blow your mind.


Another famous cabin of Kolkata is Allen Kitchen which is almost 140 years old and still follows the traditional cabin culture of Kolkata. Though it is quite modernized in terms of ambience, the food quality and the tradition behind the food remain the same for years. You can still find an old-fashioned wooden rooftop with fans hanging down from it, Old wooden chairs painted in dark brown or black colour and the four legs tables which will also give you a feeling of heritage here. This unique cabin of Kolkata is currently run by the 4th generation and if we go deep in the history, we’ll find that Mr. Allen gave the shop to a man in Kolkata, who was the worker of his own cabin who is still holding the culture and running it through the generations in the name of Allen’s kitchen. The cabin of Kolkata is especially famous for its prawn kabiraji/prawn cutlet which will be served with salad and the emotion of Kolkata kasundi it is also a must-try recommendation on behalf of Kolkata tales, Along with these, you can also try the egg devil in which the filling inside can be both fish or mutton according to the availability. Though every cabin has a signature item which makes it distinguished from others. This one is famous for its prawn kabiraji/ prawn cutlet and other fries too are quite awesome in Allen’s Kitchen.


It’s one of the must-try cabins in Kolkata and we assume that the people of Kolkata aleast tried one of  the cabin once in their lifetime. The place is situated in Esplanade just beside the Esplanade metro station and is one of the popular food junctions of the place. This unique cabin of Kolkata is almost 106 years old and still serves people the same kind of cabin-quality foods. The place is mostly famous for its Mughlai which is also the signature item and a must-try on behalf of kolkata tales with the famous mutton curry. This cabin in Kolkata was first established around 1925 and this place was also known as a place where Uttam Kumar often visited for mughlai and fish fry. This cabin of Kolkata will offer you mughlai paratha at two prices ₹ 90 and ₹100. For 90 ₹ you will get a Mughlai with duck eggs and with 100 you will get a Mughlai with two country chicken eggs. People often try this Mughlai with a mutton curry served here, but it often sounds a bit heavy, but every cabin has its own culture and Anadi cabin is famous for serving Mughlai along with mutton curry, so you must give it a go once & the taste of the Mughlai paratha still remains the same since the beginning.

If we go behind the history of Anadi Cabin, we will find that the cable was not actually named Anadi when it was first established. The Anadi cabin was first established by its first owner Balaram Jana. Balaram Jana had a child Anadi Jana and on the unfortunate death of his son, he named the cabin in memory of his own son ANADI CABIN.

Along with Mughlai, paratha and mutton kosha, you will also get fish fry, chicken, cutlet etc.


A proper cabin-type restaurant which is carrying on its heritage in the 20th century. Standing in the heart of the city of joy and serving people with the same quality of food which it used to serve 80 years back. The Sanguvalley is a one-of-a-kind cabin in Kolkata, which is still continuing the heritage of the cabin culture in terms of separate sections for people of several kinds, including private dining areas. The restaurant serves authentic Indian and Chinese cuisine to the people of the city of joy. To encounter modernization, the restaurants serve fried items along with Indian and Chinese items. Also, you can find marble floors with wooden furniture and a hint of heredity here.

The signature item of this cabin of Kolkata is the chicken Afghani along with special chicken mughlai paratha with which the cabin greets everyone with joy. However, with this, You will get several other items also.


If you are a foodie and searching for food here then this might not be the best place for you But this place will definitely drive you into a state of nostalgia .Almost 104 years old cabin of Kolkata, which is still holding its heredity of the cabin culture and is completely against the road of modernization is one of the favorite stops for cabin food lovers in Kolkata. The cabin has encountered several poets, historians freedom fighters and many other renowned people who came here to enjoy the food and the culture of favourite cabin. The favourite cabin of Kolkata will give you a perfect ambience of the cabin culture with low-lighting DC fans, old wooden furniture, a tabletop covered with white marble, and scratched walls. , The old torn menu cards etc.

Almost 100 years ago Notun Chandra Borua from Bangladesh along with his elder brother Gour Chandra Borua came to Kolkata from Chattagram and established the famous favourite cabin in Kolkata after that the cabin is run by the family heredity since years it was approximately established in the year 1918. The third generation is currently running the favourite cabin today. This Cabin of Kolkata has also encountered eminent people like Kazi Nazrul Islam, Mastarda Surya Sen, and Subhash Chandra Bose.

You will find almost everything under rupees 20 years starting from tea, bread toast, pancake, lemon tea, etc. But we will definitely recommend you to try out the pancake of favourite cabin.


This cabin in Kolkata is the first cabin culture which is famous for its Chinese food items. The cable is over 70 years old and still serves good quality Chinese food, with the heredity of the ambience that it provides to the foodies. And to everyone’s surprise, the Vivekananda cabin of Kolkata is a very low-budget cabin which provides authentic Chinese food at minimum prices. Unlike modernization this cabin in Kolkata is quite old with plastic chairs and tables. Having their colour ripped off with the years of usage but still serving quality Chinese.

Along with affordability the concept of half plate and full plate still exists here. We would highly recommend you to try out their fried rice, chilli chicken, and chicken Manchurian along with mixed gravy noodles and with these you may also try out any other dish of your choice We can assure you that this cabin will never disappoint you.


Opposite to Shambazar 5 Headed more(5 matha more). You will find this Rupa restaurant serving people with authentic Bengali food. This restaurant is a unique type of cabin which is especially famous for its mutton. You can also try several other dishes or fries such as fish cutlet which are also quite awesome but the signature dish of this cabin is mutton kosha, which you must try with their thin tava rotti you can also find some other options of tadka egg tadka which are also quite flavorful. If you are a mutton fan, then this unique cable will never disappoint you with a variety of dishes in mutton. With any dishes of mutton and tadka. The Rupa cabin offers you a tetul chutney which will give you a burst of flavour in your mouth. The mutton here is a bit on the spicier part and quite orally though the original flavours of the mutton lies in the oil it releases so we will definitely recommend you to try out their mutton kosha along with plain tower roti.


The Mitra cafe of Kolkata is the king of cafes in terms of fries and fish batter fry or fish fry. They are ruling the market for 100 years and if you are talking of fish fry then Mitra cafe should be on your priority list. This restaurant serves authentic pure fish fry made of pure bhetki fish and we will definitely tell you to try out their diamond fish. Kabiraji. The most unique part of Mitra Cafe is it has many branches around Kolkata and almost all the branch are quite small and provides your because environment with the feel of Calcutta.

Along with the signature item the fish fry, you can also try out their prawn cutlet or mutton Kabiraji or even the mutton brain chop these things are also in a list of recommendations and you may try out these also. And to everyone’s surprise, they serve chicken stew only at rupees two till date when chicken stew was introduced in Mitra cafe it was at rupees two only and till date they are serving the same amount and the same quality at the same price.


This is not properly a cabin but we can put it in the category of cabins as it serves some famous pure bhetki fish, fries and other fries that are also unique and popular in the 40-year-old shop of Kolkata Apanjan. Apanjan is called the hub of fish lovers, especially bhetki. This place in Kalighat is a perfect place for an evening snack or for friendly gossip with friends over a snack.

Although you will get a large variety of fries both in the combination of chicken mutton and fish. But we will recommend you to try out their mutton shingara, chicken foul cutlet, bhetki fish fry and fish batter fry on our half.

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