Turkish Sweets – The Baklava Heaven of Kolkata

Kolkata the capital of West Bengal state and the former capital of British India is famous for its beauty, transportation, traditions, festivals, and food. If Street food and a crowded city simply go together for you then Kolkata is one of the best places. The city built the passion for laying out its customs, arts, history, cuisine, and other aspects of its culture. The city is also famous for Bengali sweets like roshogulaa, mishti doi, shondesh, pantua, kaju katli, and many more. But here it’s not the end you will be happy to know that baklava sweets is now also available in Kolkata.

Curious to know about the Turkish Sweets in kolkata? So here we will take you to baklava heaven…

The history behind the Turkish Sweets

Baklava originated in Turkey. The city of Gaziantep in south central Turkey is famous for its baklava sweets. The dessert was introduced to Gaziantep in 1871 by celebi Gullu who had learned the recipe from a chef in Damascus. It is made from finely ground pistachios or walnuts, butter, and syrup made from sugar, water, and lemon juice.
It has a crunchy and sweet taste that makes a perfect choice for a dessert after dinner.
Baklava is a little bit more expensive than other sweets because it’s made with premium ingredients.

The Introduction of Turkish Sweets in kolkata

It has also come across in Kolkata for its mouth-watering taste by Mr Vatsal Agarwal in 2019. According to him, he traveled to Turkey and Middle Eastern countries and that’s where he fell in love with Turkish Sweets Mr Vatsal was born and brought up in Kolkata so he thought it could be the best place to start the Turkish Sweets in kolkata and let the people know about the Turkish Sweets. After the introduction of Turkish Sweets in kolkata these sweets have touched the hearts of the sweet tooths of kolkata as these flavors are completely different and new to the city of joy.

The baklava box at 12 cit road kakurgachi kolkata has been opened where you can get a variety of Turkish Sweets and baklava. These Turkish Sweets in kolkata can also be the best gift during festivals and wedding season.

Authentic Turkish Sweets Shops in kolkata

The Baklava Box

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