Top 10 Kali Pujas of Naihati 2023: A Journey Through the Pandals

 Naihati, a lovely town on the outskirts of Kolkata, comes alive with bright colors and a lively atmosphere on the important occasion of Kali Puja. The town is well-known for its spectacular and unique Kali Puja pandals, each of which provides a different and divine experience.

The Kali Puja pandals of Naihati hold a unique charm that sets them apart from the richness of Kolkata’s festivities. For both devotees and art lovers, they provide a more personal experience. Every little detail of these below-mentioned pandals reveals the love and imagination that went into creating them, making each one a unique work of art.

Read on to learn the top 10 Kali Puja pandals that have elevated this celebration to a whole new level.

What Are the Top 10 Kali Puja Pandals of Naihati

1. Disneyland of Paris – Naihati Hawkers Union

Unlike Kolkata’s most hyped Sreebhumi, Hawkers Union in Naihati has brought back the charm of Disneyland. With its intricate sets and captivating designs, this pandal is a must-see for everyone. The reference to Naihati’s “Disneyland” is likely an attempt to create an attractive and unique theme for their Kali Puja celebrations, much like the popular theme parks associated with Disneyland. Themes in pandal incorporate elements from popular culture, mythology, history, or other creative ideas to engage and entertain visitors.

2. Jagadguru Kripalu Dhaam – Panpur Balak Brinda

The Kali Puja pandal in Panpur Balak Brinda is a beautiful spectacle devoted to Jagadguru Kripalu Dhaam, with its elaborate architecture and spiritual ambiance. Each year, pandal organizers in Naihati aim to outdo themselves by creating pandals that narrate stories, inspire awe, and invoke a sense of spiritual connection. The themes range from mythological episodes, social issues, and contemporary art to eco-friendly initiatives. 

3. Tulir (Drawing brush) Tane Rajasthani – Naihati 7 No Adibasi Brinda Club

Naihati 7 No Adibasibrinda Club offers an unforgettable experience, with a remarkable fusion of Rajasthani culture and Kali Puja customs in Kolkata. The “Tulir Tane Rajasthani” theme embraced the fusion of two rich and diverse cultural traditions – the vibrancy of Rajasthan and the deep-rooted devotion to Goddess Kali. The entrance was adorned with Rajasthani architecture, featuring complexly designed arches, decorated doorways, and traditional artwork, all in bright colors, representing the spirit of Rajasthan.

4. Om ‘Dedicated to Mahadev’ – The Lohaghat Park of Naihati

The Lohaghat Park pandal is a beautiful tribute to Lord Mahadev that radiates peace and spirituality in every corner. The theme of “Om – Dedicated to Mahadev” is a lovely reminder of how connected Hinduism’s gods are. The main focus of this pandal was an enormous and intricately created Om symbol, signifying the earliest sound of creation and the presence of the divine. The Om symbol was adorned with marigold garlands and shimmering lights, casting a dazzling glow throughout the pandal.

5. Opera House of Paris – Naihati Dishari Anandabazar Railmath

This year, Naihati Dishari Anandabazar Railmath’s stunning design and artistic grandeur bring the Opera House of Paris to life. The attention to detail is expected to be extraordinary, capturing the grandness of the iconic Parisian landmark. Elaborate decorations, intricate lighting, and artistic magnificence will transport visitors to the heart of France, as they pay tribute to Goddess Kali. The mixture of European architecture with traditional Indian culture is a notable representation of the diverse influences in the city of Kolkata.

6. Dream Land’s ‘sopner Desh’ & the Main Attraction is the Wish Tree – Naihati Ramkrishna More

Naihati Ramkrishna More’s pandal transports you to the dreamland of “Opner Desh,” where the Wish Tree is the major draw and can fulfill all of your deepest desires. In addition to the ‘Wish Tree,’ Dream Land’s ‘Opner Desh’ also features cultural performances, musical events, and food stalls that showcase the culinary delights of Kolkata. Visitors can taste traditional Bengali cuisine, adding to the overall festive experience. This pandal is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of the 2023 Kali Puja season and promises a spiritually enriching experience for all who visit.

7. Sonar Rath – Naihati New Star Club

The magnificent “Sonal Rath,” a golden chariot honoring Goddess Kali, is on display at Naihati New Star Club and provides a heavenly experience. The entire pandal was designed to look like a glittering chariot adorned with gold and silver ornaments. The artistry and attention to detail were awe-inspiring, showcasing the dedication of the organizers and makers. It was a place where tradition met innovation, creating an unforgettable experience for all who visited.

8. One Tower (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur) – Naihati Talpukur Roads Amra Kojon Club

The Amara Kojon Club near Talpukur Roads recreates Kuala Lumpur’s famous One Tower, a sight that leaves visitors in awe. Inspired by a collection of colorful LED lights, it created a stunning visual representation of the night skyline of Malaysia’s capital city. The interior of the pandal was equally impressive. It was adorned with intricate artwork depicting the various forms of Goddess Kali, whose fierce and divine presence was unmistakable.

9. Kedarnath – Naihati Shyamroad Kumar Sangah

The Kali Puja pandal of Naihati Shyamroad Kumar Sangah honors the sacred land of Kedarnath and brings the essence of the Himalayas to the heart of Naihati’s people. The Kedarnath-themed pandal in Naihati not only showcases artistic talent but also serves as a spiritual sanctuary for those seeking the divine blessings of Goddess Kali and Lord Shiva. As you approach the pandal, you are greeted by a towering replica of the Kedarnath Temple, complete with intricate carvings and artistic details.

10. Pandal Made of Thousands of Pictures – Naihati Merabagan

The Pandal of Naihati Merabagan, which showcases the rich past and culture of Naihati, is an amazing artistry built out of hundreds of photos. The artists and craftsmen behind this remarkable creation spent months curating and arranging the photographs with precision and care. The result was a stunning three-dimensional installation that seemed to come alive as visitors stepped into the pandal. The Naihati Merabagan pandal not only celebrated the spiritual significance of Kali Puja but also paid homage to the rich history and traditions of Naihati.

Although you may find the clubs and themes different, the essence of these pandals remains the same. The local clubs in Naihati are incredibly creative and dedicated, going above and beyond to produce these breathtaking works of art. Thus, mark your calendar for the Kali Puja of 2023 and plan a tour of the top 10 Kali Puja pandals in Naihati.

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