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India’s first sweet mall in Kolkata

Bangla Mishti hub / Sweet mall in Kolkata

The people of Kolkata are indeed sweet and that is what defines Kolkata and their love for traditional and authentic sweets. Hence the first ever sweet mall is established in kolkata near Eco Park. Yes, Kolkata along with its traditional sweets has given India a gift for a complete new experience in terms of sweets and dessert culture.

The inventor of many kinds of authentic and traditional sweets is from Kolkata itself. Especially some of the sweets of the winter season will definitely blow your mind with their regional taste and authenticity. Hence to give this sweet culture a boost and to make things on a bigger stage and showcase to the world kolkata has established its first-ever sweet mall ‘Mishti Hub of Kolkata’ and this is indeed an innovative way to keep the tradition and culture of kolkata in front of every people of India and the world.

This sweet mall of Kolkata has the top iconic sweet brands and shops of Kolkata. This place is simply heaven for sweet lovers. Before exploring each and every stall or sweet, let’s first give your tour of the ambiance here the ambiance will bring you back to a proper Bengali culture. The place showing up its glamor, especially during evening when the lights take the place to a whole new level. This place is also known as ‘Bangla Mishti hub’ and indeed the place justifies its name

Sweets brand you will find inside:-

  • K. C. Das
  • Banchcharam
  • Gupta Brothers
  • Gupta Brothers
  • Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick
  • Ganguram
  • Nalin Chandra Das & Sons
  • Mithai
  • Mishti Katha
  • Naba Krishna Guin
  • Hindusthan Sweets
  • Districts – Burdwan, Shaktighar, Baharampur and Krishnaghar

The Sweet Mall in Kolkata or the Mishti Hub of Kolkata is unique in Kolkata, selling only sweets and desserts. It was established in the year 2018 by the chief minister of Bengal Mamta Banerjee. This initiative was taken to bring some of the renowned sweet shops of Kolkata under one roof and bring out the uniqueness and diversity of the sweets of Bengal under one roof.

The Mishti hub was conceptualized by the Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation. If you have a sweet tooth then this place will take you into the heaven of sweets. Actually, visitors can’t try all of Kolkata’s sweets traveling to several destinations hence the Mishti hub of Kolkata or the sweet mall of Kolkata comes to the rescue with an area of 8, 000 thousand square feet. It has enough space to allow guests to linger undisturbed.

The culture behind the architectural beauty behind Bangla Misti hub

The sweet mall in Kolkata is not only famous for its beautiful taste of sweets. But the mall also displays fine art of architecture you can get to see a modern yet traditional along with classical designs of yore. Actually, if we go into the detailing of the architecture of the first ever sweet mall of India, we can explore that it draws inspiration from Kolkata rajbaris and conceptualizes things beautifully with a hint of modern touch to it.
Timings– Monday – Sunday (12pm – 9pm).
Entry Fees – N.A
Location– Eco Park Gate No 3, Action Area II, Deshbandhu Nagar, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700156, India

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