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Chinese New year celebration Kolkata

Chinese New Year is often called the Spring Festival and it is an important holiday in China and too many other Asian communities, Bow barracks is one of them. The celebration begins with the first new moon of the lunar calendar and ends 15 days later with the first full moon.

This year the Chinese New Year starts on February 10th. According to the ancient Chinese history of famous mythology describes that are well-known underwater beast named Nian used to crawl up the Chinese land to feed on human flesh and attack villages but Nian had a fear of the red color, loud noises, and fire. Hence, during the celebration of the Chinese New Year in Kolkata, Bow Barracks followed the bright attractive colors along with crackers noises, and food to remove the negativity and bad luck and welcome new prosperity with great positivity.

The history that lies behind the Chinese new year celebration

People in this area almost dressed up in red attires with red paper lanterns all around the beating of the drums along with the crackers and the cheerful noises of people created a positive environment in bow barracks.
The 15 days festival has also certain parts the first two days are dedicated to the new year and it celebration after that, on the third day people visit temples, the seventh day is celebrated as the birthday of the Chinese mother goddess Nuwa, and lastly on the 15th day the lantern festival is celebrated on the view of the 1st full moon of the year. On the last day, people lit up lanterns to remove the darkness and to welcome positivity. It is also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day because in ancient history it is mentioned that young girls used to meet boys in the presence of these lanterns.
After the New Year and Christmas celebration of Bow Barracks, this place has gained much more attention with its love and positivity toward the celebration of any kind of carnival now. Bow Barracks of kolkata is celebrating Christmas New Year with great enthusiasm and this celebration is worth attending for the people of Kolkata.

The way Kolkata Celebrates the Chinese new year

The Chinese New Year celebration in Kolkata is a pretty much new concept Kolkata, the Chinese New Year celebration has happened over the years in kolkata but now has become the talk of the town, Bow Barracks attracted a massive amount of crowd, which in turn showcased that Kolkata is ready to accept new things in new ways.
The Chinese New Year celebration in Bow Barracks in the authentic Chinese way and portraiting and showcasing certain things like Chinese water dragons, foods, dance, and many more things was indeed a nice initiative taken by the people of the Chinese community. Not only in Bow Barracks but certain other places in Kolkata also have some Chinese people like Territi bazaar, Tangra remains vibrant.

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