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Uttorer Adda – Street Library “Reading Books on a an open street in Kolkata “

The First Street Library of Kolkata is on the roads and you can sit back and read books on the road for as long as you want. Every year before Saraswati Puja Uttorer Adda Club opposite Deshbondu Park in Shyambazar celebrates with new wall art. This year also the walls of these busy streets of kolkata have been decked up with beautiful wall art along with their newest addition, the street library. You can not only sit back, relax, and read books here but you can also donate books for other fellow readers.

Reading on an open street! Yes, you heard it right, the city of joy is always ready to give you new surprises in innovative ways, this time it’s “reading on an open street”.
The main reason behind this initiative is to engage the youngsters in reading books along with mindful conversations with the essence of some tea or food to accompany the quality time. Along with this, the club also organizes drawing, competitions, tree plantation, and many other cultural activities. North kolkata is basically a hub of adda along with a touch of culture to it and uttorer adda is a perfect place to enjoy the aesthetics of kolkata.
Kolkata is often considered as the capital of Adda and Shyambazar is the Adda capital of kolkata, you can call this place of Kolkata institution where people get together and talk their hearts out over a cup of tea.
Location- Opposite Deshbondhu Park, Shyambazar
Timing – you can come here and read books for as long as you want

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