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Metcalfe Hall Kolkata – another architectural beauty of the city of palaces

The Metcalfe Hall Kolkata is indeed an aesthetic museum, but let’s first explore the name behind Metcalfe Hall Kolkata and the heredity of the building that stands still on the junction of Strand Road in the heart of the city of joy. The Metcalfe Hall of Kolkata reflects of fine art of British architecture in the 19th century along with the demonstration of ancient Greek temples.

The history behind the Metcalfe Hall in Kolkata

The building that is known today as the Metcalfe Hall of Kolkata was first designed between the years 1840 and 1844 by C.K. Robison if we go deep into the geographical and architectural heritage of this place, we can find that Metcalfe Hall Kolkata faces towards the Hooghly river on the west and the main entrance also lies from the west initially, the Metcalfe Hall in Kolkata comprised of two floors equipped with five halls. It was originally conceptualized as a public library.

Since history, this place has gone through several wear and tear. Hence renovation has been done in the Metcalfe Hall Kolkata and it is beautifully restored as a heritage building that portrays some of the essence of old Kolkata currently this building is used by the Indian Museum Archaeological Survey of India and Asiatic Society to maintain the architectural heritage.

The Metcalfe Hall in Kolkata is the crown jewel of Kolkata, as it reflects the authenticity of the city of joy entering a beautiful ‘alapona’ captures the heart of every Bengalis from the sweets to Bengal to the river Ganga. You can feel the essence of complete peace along with the touch of culture. On the ground floor, you can see the famous hand pool rickshaws and as you go up the wooden staircase, you can find beautiful posters of films presented beautifully each poster has a hidden story behind it. Not only posters even also find several antique things like typewriters, and Durga idols which typically depict the art of Kumartuli, a beautiful wooden boat, etc.

If you are a visitor to Kolkata and visiting Metcalfe Hall then this information can helpful
There are no entry fees
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Polo Floatal Kolkata. The Oberoi Grand, The Lalit great eastern kolkata, and The peerless hotel.

Location of Metcalfe Hall Kolkata – 12, Strand Rd, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001
Timing – Monday to Sunday (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
GOOGLE MAPS – https://maps.app.goo.gl/zohzjLfdP474fQXG8

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