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International Mother Language Day Kolkata

The international mother language day was officially declared by UNESCO and is observed on the 21st of February every year since 2000. The main motive behind the celebration of International Mother Language Day was to pay homage to the language movement done by the people of Bangladesh.
Kolkata has always been a soft corner in terms of celebrating the Bengali culture and on the occasion of international mother language day, Kolkata has decorated itself with several kinds of celebration arts on the roads to pay tribute to the international mother language day.

The history behind the celebration of International Mother Language Day.

If we go deep into history, we’ll see that Pakistan was created in 1947, geographically two sections were created East Pakistan and West Pakistan both of them had a different sense of culture and language and were separated by India. Later in 1948 when the park government declared Urdu as the national language, the people of East Pakistan protested against it because they wanted their official language to be Bangla there were several protests against it to demolish the askings of East Pakistan and on 21st February 1952 police opened fire on dozens of people were injured, but this was the first time in the history that people sacrifice their lives for the sake of their mother tongue. Since then. Bangladesh celebrates International Mother Language Day to remember those tragic days and the lives of the people who were sacrificed then.

Preparations of International Mother Language Day at Kolkata

  • Members of Bhasha o Chettona Samiti prepare themselves for an ‘alpona’ art on the roads of Kolkata.
  • People are paying tribute to the martyrs near Birla Planetarium on the occasion of International Mother Language Day in Kolkata.
  • On behalf of the West Bengal government flower tributes have been organized on the death anniversary of Sarath Chandra Bose

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