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Layalka – Kolkata’s new hangout spot

Feeling low, And that too you kolkata? We doubt, as Kolkata or the City of Joy is always ready to give its people more joy more enthusiasm more surprises to give your mood a perfect boost to justify the name City of Joy
Kolkata with the ongoing time adapted new ways to give its people joy along with the touch of modernization which itself justifies the root culture of Kolkata. Hence giving birth to a new hidden gem of Kolkata. We can also call it a new hangout spot in Kolkata that is “layalka”.
Layalka The new hangout spot in Kolkata is attracting a massive amount of the modern generation. layalka is such a new hangout spot in Kolkata which satisfies the mood and its craving of all kinds of people be it off any age group. Surprisingly, this place can turn your off moods to a beautiful mood with the positive environment and the buzziness of Layalka Lane.

Things You Can Do at Layalka …

Layalka shows its original glamor as the sun sets down, the place comes to life. This new hangout place in Kolkata is such that you can just sit back, and relax. Have some music with friends and family. Have a cup of coffee with your favorite person or else walk along the street. The vibes of the street are so positive that this place will boost you up from the inside.
Hearing so much. You must be wondering what is the exact location of this place. The exact location of Layalka is near Ranikuti Tollygunge, you can get an auto from there which will drop you at ‘lyalka pukur par’ or ‘lyalka water tank’.

The place is beautifully decorated with hanging lights along with the seating arrangements of different kinds like chairs, khatiya, long benches, etc. You will also find a variety of options in food starting from authentic cutting chai of kolkata to several fried items also.

Layalka can serve you as a perfect place to sit back with old friends, have a cup of tea/coffee and cherish old memories. Or you can visit this place with your loved ones apart from the crowd of kolkata and enjoy your soothing evening out at Layalka Math Lane

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