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Antique Currencies – an underrated street shop at Dalhousie, kolkata

Kolkata is itself an antique city, though the city of joy changed itself with modernization. But you can still find the authenticity of the city lies in the older Kolkata only. Hence, the people of Kolkata always have a soft corner for age-old things especially when it comes to collecting antique currencies and coins. This Antique currency shop in Kolkata is a hidden gem.

This hidden gem in Kolkata is present in Dalhousie office para where you can find a huge amount of both Indian and foreign currencies and that too on a roadside shop. In this shop, you can probably find currencies of several countries that you have never heard of before along with more than 100-year-old currencies and coins are also available here. This place has not only antique and legal currencies. You can also find the newest currencies of India here. This hidden gem of Kolkata can take you on time travel from age-old currencies to the modernization of currencies. If you are an antique lover and exploring currencies is your hobby then this place in Kolkata will serve you as a currency heaven. The price range of this currency starts from rupees 5 only, but the ranges may vary according to the variation in years and the value of the currency in the current market

If you’re planning to visit this shop selling antique career currencies, then we recommend you take some time in hand because this place provides you with a large variety of currencies and time travel will need some time.

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