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151 birthday of Calcutta tram – A Heritage of Calcutta.

Calcutta Tram – An Emotion For Kolkata

Trams especially to the people of Kolkata are a form of love affair. Trams of kolkata are one of the oldest forms of transportation that are still in existence only in kolkata and is continuing their legacy to serve the people of kolkata with the same old vibes. This year the kolkata tram crosses its 150-year landmark and steps into its 151st anniversary with ads with a bit of nostalgia for the history of the trams of kolkata.

Calcutta Trams has always been a nostalgia for people of all kinds of ages, Every individual in kolkata has availed a tram ride at least once time in their lifetime but people nowadays often consider the tram as an outdated mode of construction as it takes a bit more time on the roads than other ways like bus, auto, cabs, etc. But trams of Calcutta have always been an integral part of the city & just like when it comes to kolkata you cannot ignore certain things like yellow taxi, street food of kolkata, kolkata biriyani, kolkata sweets, tram ride, etc. You can call the Calcutta trams a part of the heritage of kolkata

The history of Calcutta Trams till today

The Calcutta trams were first introduced on the roads of kolkata in the year 1970, since then the journey of the trams of Calcutta has been a never-ending one. The Calcutta trams upon their introduction to the city of Joy connected approx 50 parts of the city and was also considered as very eco-friendly as it was a non-polluting mode of transport. Since then till today with the modernization of time and the ongoing craze of the EV the craze of the trams has been reduced.

How Kolkata Celebrated its 151 Tram Anniversary?

Love Tram, Save Tram – was the concept this year to restore/save the cultural heredity. On the 24th of Feb, Saturday 2024 kolkata along with its people celebrated the anniversary with great enthusiasm.

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