Shimla Biriyani – A newly opened Biriyani Chain in chinar park kolkata.

Shimla biriyani is a newly opened biriyani chain in chinar park Kolkata & team KolkataTales visited it to bring out the best of things in front of you. 

Let’s start the discussion keeping in mind that we have previously tasted several biriyanis ok Kolkata like dada boudi, aminia, arsalan, etc. 
And we moved into the restaurant with high hopes keeping in mind the brand name and value. The staff was awesome with proper dress and behavior, and the ambiance of the restaurant was cool with proper air conditioning and comfortable chairs its almost perfect for families & formal meetings. 
We ordered chicken biriyani with chicken chap & mutton biriyani with mutton chap & we also ordered a salad (as it was not complimentary) with 2 pc butter nuns.
The chicken biriyani was good it was typically Kolkata biriyani with a chuck of tender chicken with properly cooked alu but the rice was on the drier part to us as we prefer biriyani to be a little bit oily and juicy though it is our personal opinion no hard feelings overall the biriyani was ok when I tasted the chicken chap with a pc of butter nun it didn’t taste at all like chap it tasted like chicken curry to us coz we belong from Kolkata and chap to us means it will be rich and loaded with ghee and a strong smell but it lacked both so we would recommend you not to go for a chicken chap of Shimla biriyani. Rather the mutton chap was good and up to the mark, the mutton was tenderly soft, and Falvourfull and the taste of the mutton biriyani was almost the same as chicken and the butter nun was also good soft, and loaded. 
Now if you come to the portion size you need almost one plate of normal biriyani for an adult. 
To me, the portion was a little bit on the lower side as compared to the prices. 
You can Order Online through Zomato
Please go through the rate chart to get an idea of everything.
*sorry, the full menu is not available and the prices can be subject to change. 

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