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Weather in kolkata is playing a mood swing as puja is approaching. The potteries in kumartuli are not satisfied with the weather at all.

Only 2 weeks remain for the pujas to start, and the kumartuli is at its full form hustling, it has become one of the busiest parts of Kolkata with work 24*7.

It’s been quite exciting for the potteries this year compared to the last 2 years coz of the coronavirus. But this year things are turning towards normal, except the weather as there are several downpours still, the artists are trying to compensate with the situation to dry up the idols fast with fans & several other methods. 
This year UNESCO has put our Durga Pujo in heritage identity, and since Kumortuli is a very important part of the festival

Get a glimpse of kumartuli getting ready exclusively from kolkatatales. 

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