Dada Boudi Restaurant Barrackpore , a place for biriyani Lovers Paradise

Looking for authentic Kolkata biriyani? The
first thing that comes to people’s minds is Dada Boudi Biriyani. Dada Boudi
Still remains one of a kind biriyani outlet in Kolkata.

Dada Boudi Biryani actually started off as the
Dada Boudi Bhater Hotel around 61 years back. Ramprasad Saha was a tattoo shop
owner and started a modest eatery. His son Dhiran Saha took forward the food
business seriously serving regular everyday Bengali meals. His wife joined the
business in due time and the duo was called as Dada-Boudi. Their sons Sanjib
and Rajib Saha are running the business now, excelling in Biryani. 

Approximately they sell around 16-17 handis of biryani a day,
they should be praised.
 Please note, one handi consists of 200-250 plates of biryani.

From our Recent Visits we would suggest you take at least 4
hours in hand for a good dine-in experience coz in rush hours there are at least
50 to 100 people waiting in front of you waiting patiently for their turn to
enjoy their meal.

The Restaurant is pretty close to barrackpore station, if
you are having any kind of confusion in identifying the restaurant that let us
clear it out if you come out of barrackpore station from platform no 1, head
straight to main road you will find 3 roads one going straight other two going
left and right.

 If you are willing to
go to dada boudi restaurant go straight you will find the big hoarding of dada
boudi that is the take away counter and proceeding few steps more you will find
a small gully that will take you to the restaurant, you can also ask people for restaurants, the prices of the dishes are slightly high as of the
facilities such as AC, etc. if you can are lucky enough you can also get a seat
on the rooftop but most probably it’s almost occupied in the rush hour. In the
restaurant, almost everything is available from Chinese to tandoors to deserts to
drinks(non-alcoholic). But if you go with our suggestion go for a mutton
biriyani & if you are not a big fan of mutton go for chicken. according to
us, the mutton is more juicy and succulent. But the quality of food remains the
same whether be it dada boudi restaurant or the dada boudi hotel.

If you are willing to go to the dada boudi hotel which is the
main origin of dada boudi & they also have kept the originality intact.
Mind you food quality remains the same in both places. The only change you
will feel the change is in the ambiance and there will be an obvious rush. so we
prefer you to go to the restaurant if you are looking for a comfortable and
proper dine-in experience.

How Can you go to dada Boudi(Barrackpore)?

From Sealdah – Take a local train it will cost you around 10
Inr and also a comfortable journey. There are trains available from sealdah
every 10 minutes.

From Howrah – Take a local train it will cost you around 10
Inr and also a comfortable journey, but the frequency of the trains from Howrah
is quite low compared to sealdah.

From esplanade – take a metro to dum dum & then you will
find ample trains from dum dum basically the trains leaving from sealdah comes
to dum dum and then to barrackpore. It
will cost you a max 30 Inr.

How Is the food?

Dada Boudi Biriyani – Be it chicken, mutton, or alu(Potato) biriyani
the taste of the biriyani is awesome, the Quality of the rice the spices along with the
masalas are top-notch, with the authentic Kolkata biriyani and a strong fragrance which you will be quite used to if you are from Kolkata. The chicken will be soft tender and properly cooked and overall it will be juicy and not at all rough, overall the biryani will be quite greasy and it will slide down your mouth to your stomach pretty well. The price you will be giving for your food is quite justified and proper and if you opt for mutton biriyani and you are a lover of biriyani you will feel heavenly when you take a bite with some rice with mutton and alu
(Potato) together you will feel the burst of flavors in your mouth & if you feel that you should lift the mutton or chicken peace please don’t do so as the flesh will fall down as it’s so much properly cooked and tender.

We have tasted many other dishes also like kababs, tandoors, mocktails, Bread and several other items which are also quite good and justified. So it’s a must-visit Spot according to TeamKolkataTales.

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Updated Menu Card with Price of DadaBoudi Restaurant

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