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, a name well known by heart by every kolkataian, and also to all those who are a fan of Awadhi cuisine. The first outlet of this bestselling Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow came into existence in 1929 in Zakaria Street opposite to Nakhoda Masjid serving one the city’s one of the best Biriyani. Also, this restaurant specialises in kathi rolls, a variety of kebabs and the classic desert known as Phirni. The Aminia restaurants are known to be run by the members of their families. Furthermore they do not give franchises to others, thus securing the heritage and tradition of their delicacies.

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The popular branches of Aminia are located in Rajarhat, Serampore, Behala, Barrackpore, Golpark, Shyambazar, New market. However, as for now, it is not based outside Kolkata.

Dine in experience –

The first time I visited Aminia with my family was in April 2018. My father, who had pursued his studies in Kolkata, was already in love with the biriyani from this restaurant and had often told me about the delicacy in such a way which made me drool. So, when we got a chance to dine in the branch located in Dharmatala, we were sure not to miss it.

We were quite apprehensive about getting a table because we did not have any bookings, not to mention that it was mid day and the outlet usually remains full at that time of the day. However we were quite lucky to get a table for three in the AC room. As we were going through the menu card (and were confused as there were so many choices), courteous young staff helped us out. He suggested that we should definitely try out the mutton biriyani. Hence we ordered for one plate of mutton biriyani, two plates of chicken biriyani and three phirni.

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The biriyani had great depth of flavours, great texture and  quantity was enough to fill one hungry person. If this is how Awadhi cuisine tastes, trust me I am having it everyday. The aroma was delightful yet not overpowering to the senses. Personally I am not a fan of too much of “attar”, but the fragrance of the biriyani was quite balanced. Some biriyanis tend to be a bit on the drier side and hence I always like an accompaniment like chaap along with it. However this one in particular was perfect, not too greasy yet not dry.

The mutton was of good size, tender, perfectly cooked through and was almost falling off the bone. The spices were a perfect mix, which will tickle your taste buds just to right point, that makes you go for more and more.

However I did have a few issues regarding the chicken which I am happy to see get resolved when I ordered from Zomato. Please continue reading to know more about my Zomato delivery review. The chicken was a bit overcooked and slightly on the drier side. Moreover a found the chicken biriyani a bit bland as compared to the mutton biriyani. However the size of the pieces were good, must say better than the mutton.

The potatoes were quite average, nothing much to say about. Good in size, nicely cooked but lacked a bit of taste.

The phirni was truly a desert that everyone should definitely try out. It was thick, creamy and perfectly sweet with that beautiful colour and aroma of saffron.

I wish they would serve eggs too with the biriyani for the price paid. But I guess, that’s their tradition. Overall it was a good experience.

Delivery review –

Last day we thought about ordering some biriyani and the first restaurant that popped in my mind was Aminia. We went for a chicken biriyani from the Chinar park outlet which costs about  Rs.270.

Firstly, kudos to the Zomato team for the quick delivery.

The biriyani came in a sealed plastic container and was hot. As soon as we opened the container the beautiful aroma hit us straight and we were already drooling. However when we poured it on our plate we were a bit disappointed. The quantity was not so good for the price paid. I  guess it won’t fill up an adult who is really hungry.

The rice was great. It was fragrant and had that nice yellow colour.

The portion size of the chicken was good. Contrary to my dine in experience, the chicken was seasoned and cooked to perfection. It was soft and moist and had great flavours.

The potato was still not cooked nicely, atleast not for my taste. So that is a thumb’s down.

I would like to advise the Aminia team to please improve on their delivery services. The portion size should be increased because no matter how delicious the food is, if it cannot fill our stomachs for a price of Rs.300 then it is certainly not worth it.


metascript –

This blog is to share my dine in and delivery experience from Aminia. We have thoroughly gone through the tastes of Mutton Biriyani and Chicken biriyani and are sharing our reviews on our personal views.

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