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Karigar Haat Kolkata – National Art and Cultural Festival of Kolkata

Karigar Haat as the name suggests is a fair for artists of Bengal who accumulate here to display the pieces of art that they have mastered over the years. The Kolkata Karigar Haat displays an awesome variety of mixed diversity in this heart.

The Karigar Haat Kolkata organized in the central park in the golf green displays artists from over 11 states who put up their skills for almost a week starting from the 20th of December the main attraction of this heart is almost 65 artisans from different states like Odisha, Bihar, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh who participate in this national art and cultural festival.

The Karigar Haat Kolkata is open for the people of Kolkata from 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. This is the first time in Golf Green that this kind of Karigar Haat is organized here,

Usually this kind of melas used to take place in Salt Lake side.The special attraction of the Karigar Haat Kolkata this year or the national art and cultural festival of Kolkata is that it will provide you with a variety of handicraft and handloom products ranging from textile to organic products.
This national art and cultural festival of Kolkata is a nice initiative by the government which in turn boosts the spirits of the artist and the crafts to bring up the vibrant culture, which in turn connects with the fork and tribal communities and gives this community a ground to showcase their talent they have mastered over the years.

The things that we found interesting in the Karigar Haat Kolkata/ the national art and cultural festival of kolkata

  • The wooden crafts are minutely handcrafted with my new detailings which shows us a blended display of art mainly as home decor, the artist mainly belongs to Siliguri Nokshalbari, Uttar Dinajpur, and several other states.
  • Then comes the art of terracotta several tubs and flower vases starting from 400 to several thousand.
  • A magnificent display of handcrafted lambs and wall hangings mainly made from leather the artist belongs to Andhra Pradesh. The prices of these things mainly vary from 1,000 and range up as the quality of things increases.
  • Several local jewelry collections of Karnataka
  • You will also find several pottery artists from West Bengal who are displaying their magnificent pieces of art
  • You will also find different kinds of shawls sarees of Katha stitch and also other traditional sarees.
  • You will also find creative footwear from Haryana & many other things here.

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