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Bow Barracks kolkata – A Unique Christmas of Kolkata 2023

Before getting into the Christmas celebrations of Bow Barracks Kolkata, let’s first explore a bit of the locality and the culture here at Bow Barracks. Bow Barracks was constructed during World War I and was designed by Halsey Ricardo. Basically, the Bow Barracks region is occupied by small Anglo-Indian people who have lived here for generation after generation.

The exact location of the Bow Barracks is central Kolkata just behind the Bow Bazar police station this Bow Barracks of Kolkata is basically a narrow lane between Harris Street and bowbazer police station and is bordered by six blocks of old storage buildings colored with red bricks and is a bit shabby and old fashioned with green framed windows.

Approx more than 130 families currently live in the bow barracks of Kolkata, of which almost 80% are Anglo Indians, which in turn brings the annual Christmas celebration of kolkata great event here but upon modernization along with Anglo Indians now many Chinese, Bengali, and Gujarati families also recite here at Bow barracks.

The Christmas celebration of Bow Barracks, Kolkata
This year, the famous Christmas celebration of Bow Barracks Kolkata has come together with the help of the CM of West Bengal in decorations and lighting. They have come up with unique ideas and have also decorated the whole colony uniquely, which in turn is attracting a massive amount of crowd to Bow Barracks of Kolkata to enjoy their Christmas celebration along with some authentic Anglo-Indian foods of the Anglo-Indian committee residing here at Bow Barracks, Kolkata.
The annual Christmas celebration of Bow Barracks Christmas festival has already started on the 22nd of December. But this year Bow Barracks of Kolkata has a different plan to surprise the people with the Christmas celebration of this community where Santa Claus arrives typically with a hand-pulled rickshaw. The Christmas celebration and the decorations this year at Bow Barracks are quite unique.
The whole lane is decorated with lights almost looking like a fairyland with bright ribbons and decorations covering every corner of the gullies which makes the environment quite energetic. Each balcony of the Bow Barracks is decorated with a dazzling star to celebrate the Christmas Celebration of Bow Barracks
Along with the Christmas celebrations and functions, you will also get to taste an awesome variety of authentic Anglo-Indian cuisines.
  • Handmade cakes scalpels and rost cookies
  • Authentic Anglo-Indian style prawn balls and fish fingers
  • Sausages wontons etc

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