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Portuguese Church of Kolkata – Some must visit place during the Christmas festival of Kolkata

The one and only Portuguese oldest church in Kolkata that to a cathedral is the Holy Rosary Cathedral commonly called Murihata Church or Portuguese church. If you are thinking that this is yet another normal church of Kolkata, you might be wrong as the past of this place holds a historical importance in the history of kolkata. Standing tall amongst the biggest wholesale markets of Kolkata Bara Bazaar, The Portuguese church known as Holy Rosary is a church of The Roman catholic archdiocese of Calcutta.

This history behind The Portuguese church of Kolkata

This oldest Portuguese church of Kolkata was founded in the year 1799. However, this Portuguese Church of Kolkata underwent several changes in the late 17th century. This Portuguese Church of Kolkata was just a mud hurt in 1700. It was constructed and given a structure with bricks. Later in 1757 lord clive expelled the Portuguese from Calcutta and the catholic Portuguese George West converted into an Anglican Protestant Chapel.
After 4 years when the band was lifted off the Portuguese, they came back here in the year 1796 and converted the chapel into a church by raising funds. From then onwards the church was dedicated to  Rosary Virgin. Mary and this Portuguese church have served as a cathedral church for the catholic Christians of Kolkata since then.
This Portuguese Church of Kolkata is the only remaining of the architectural beauty of the Portuguese past. This Church of Kolkata is the only Portuguese church in the whole of Calcutta that displays marvelous displays of architectural beauty along with devotion.
The interiors of the church portray a marvelous display of art, including sculptures and 14 stations of the cross behind the altar, there are several confession boxes along with statues of Jesus, Mary Joseph, and various other characters of the Bible including fairies and angels. There are several figures of Madonna and the child. It is believed that in this Portuguese Church of Kolkata, the remains of the first archbishop of Calcutta lie below the altar.
There are several other churches in Kolkata, but the main attraction of this Portuguese church of Kolkata is the 14 cross-section of Christ along with the interiors, the polished  wooden frames that are hung along the walls of the Portuguese church
The only Portuguese church in Kolkata is located on Murgihata Street. Just beside the Bourbon road and Canning Street crossing. This church is one of the busiest localities of Kolkata and this place serves for its devotees to maintain their inner peace.
This 200-year-old Portuguese church of Kolkata is a awesome place to visit during the Kolkata Christmas carnival. You can enjoy us splendid day with your friends and family here at the church.

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