The Chandannagar Museum – One of the Oldest Museums Of West Bengal

Located in Hooghly District Chandannagar Museum Is one of the oldest museums of Chandannagar, Apart from the museum’s point of view this is also considered as a palace. The Chandannagar Museum of Chandannagar was established as a dupleix house by the French governor of Chandannagar province. The Chandannagar Museum of the Institute of Chandannagar was established in 1952 by the government of India.

The museum and art gallery of the Chandannagar Museum preserve the remnants of the French colony since its history 250 years ago by symbolizing heritage and other cultural beauty of the city and the museum. The museum of Chandannagar displays a wide variety of collections of gifts of antiquarian helihar sett. This museum of Channel Nagar preserves many French area antiques such as the canons used in wars the Anglo-French personal belongings of the French government and wooden furniture that used to be in work in the 18th century. The museum of Chandan Nagar is maintained and decorated by beautiful gardens.

The Entry Fees of the museum is ₹5/- for indians and ₹20/- for Peopleoutside india

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