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The Red Bari Kolkata – 90 years old heritage building turned into a cafe

If you are from Kolkata or have a soft corner for Kolkata in the form of some kind of affair then Kolkata has always something special for you. The old Kolkata or Calcutta has always been an emotional touch, especially for the people of Bengal, the claustrophobic walls, the narrow lanes, and the old cracked walls of buildings make you feel the nostalgia of Kolkata & to make you feel the nostalgia Kolkata has transformed an old 90’s building into a cafe called “The Red Bari Kolkata”.

This is a nice initiative for the people of Kolkata to restore an old building to retain its cultural and historical importance. The 99-year-old Red Bari Is now standing still at 18 Sadananda Road in the form of a modern-day cafe. The restoration and transformation of the Red Bari of Kolkata were visioned and executed by Avantika Jalan in the Durga Puja of 2023, She was against the construction of demolishing the building instead she thought of restoring the form and giving it a hint of modern touch to it so that the history also remains preserved along with its cultural existence.

The Red Bari of Kolkata as the name suggests is red in coloues with ancient brick walls. But now as the 90 years of building has been transformed into a cafe you can also find a bit of aesthetic and modern interiors to it to cope with the modern generation.

On entering the Red Raj Bari you will get a mixed feeling of both Kolkata and Calcutta together as you see long walls, long windows, and doors whereas the chair tables and each corner of the interior has a bit of modern but soothing touch to it which gives the red Bari of Kolkata a modern touch to cope up with the cafe vibes. So You can call the Red Bari Kolkata a coffee shop or a coffee studio.

The Red Bari Is designed in such a way that each of its walls will give you a completely different story of Kolkata filled with nostalgia which makes it pretty difficult for its visitors to find the perfect corner.

After exploring every corner & finding the best cozy corner of yours it’s now time to taste the awesomeness in their menu & when it comes to the food of The Red Bari Kolkata we can bet on the quality of food (Starting from delicious Sandwiches to Deserts)and service.

How Can you Enjoy your Day At the Red Bari Kolkata?

First of all your tongue and your stomach will feel satisfied with the wide variety of salads, Coffee, Teas, Snacks, Herbal Blends, Baked Goods and lot more. It costs you around ₹800 for 2 which is quite justifiable

Our Recommendation you must try out the menu of The Red Bari Kolkata
Muttom Kalsi Bites
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Mini Fruit Tart

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