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The Hindu College of Kolkata – One of the Prestigious Educational Institutes of Kolkata

The Hindu College of Kolkata is one of the prestigious and renowned colleges in Kolkata. The Hindu College of Kolkata is famous for its standard of education and the strong pillars of success

The Hindu College of Kolkata was established in the year. 1817 at that time the college was called Hindu school and was governed and administrated by the state government.


After the establishment of the Supreme Court of Kolkata in 1773, many Hindus and Bengali families showed their interest in education and the learning of the English language. Seeing this interest of the people of Bengal, especially the Hindus, the founders of this institute recognized the importance of establishing a school or education institute to educate them.
On passing of the proposal for an education institute, the Hindu college received a donation of rupees 1 lakh for setting up the college. But Raja Ram Mohan Rai rejected the donation as he was on motive to build an education institute with the power of the people with the power of education, not with the power of money. At first, the classes of the Hindu College of Kolkata were held in a rented college. But after that in January 1818 the college was moved to a location near Chitpur.
Later the college again moved to Bovada and then to College Street in the year 1855 the ‘partshala’ or the primary school was renamed as Hindu school and the ‘mahapatshala’ or the secondary school was renamed the Presidency College of Kolkata

The founder story who was the founder of the Hindu College of Kolkata or the Hindu school?

The Hindu school of Kolkata, formerly Hindu college was founded by Raja Ram Mohan Roy Raja Radhakanta Dev b going tonight Baidyanath Mukhopadhyay Edward Hyde East. However the head of the institute Raja Ram Mohan Roy was on a motive to educate Bengal
The primary medium of education in the Hindu College of Kolkata was Bengali but in the year 2017, English was also introduced as a secondary medium of education here.

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