Science city Kolkata – where knowledge meets enterainment, Indias Largest Science City


through entertainment, the classic line is disguised in every being of India’s
largest science city in Kolkata. The Science city Kolkata, established in July 1997 is
one of its kind science museum,  and also
the largest science centre in the entire Indian subcontinent. Science city in
Kolkata is conceived in a way that makes science fun and popular for every

over a humongous area of 50 acres of land, Science city Kolkata has two facilities –
the Science centre and the Convention centre. The latter was brought to being
by Pul Jozef Crutzen along with the then Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mr.
Jyoti Basu, on 21st December 1996. According to various sources, the
ground where the present Science City Museum Kolkata stands today, used to be a dumping
ground for garbage for more than hundred years, before the two masterminds of
Science City decided to change it for something better. A true testament to the
amalgamation of fun and learning, the centre also dedicates a specialized
section to the beautiful and wondrous aquatic world, where some of the most
exotic fishes and other species of marine life are kept in the aquariums. From
the day of opening till date, Science City Kolkata has welcomed over 29.90 million
visitors, combining tourists from both within the country and outside of it.

The Science
City Kolkata remains open from Monday to Sunday
, throughout the year, except on the
occasion of Holi. The timings of Science City Kolkata are from 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m., though the
ticket counter remains open up till 7.00 p.m

The entry
fees of Science City Kolkata given here are based on per person unless
mentioned otherwise. There are no extra charges levied for photography and
videography within the premises of Science City museum in Kolkata. There are
tour packages available for schools and groups.

1.       Science city Kolkata, entry fee –
INR 60

2.       3D space theatre – INR 100

3.       2D space theatre –  INR 40

4.       Science on a Sphere – INR 40

5.       Time Machine – INR 30

6.       Road train – INR 20

7.       Ropeway – INR 60

For other
events of Science City, Kolkata :

1.       Evolution of life – Dark side : INR

2.       3D Show – INR 30

3.       Panorama show on human evolution –
INR 60

in Science City museum in Kolkata:

1.       Earth Exploration Hall – Opened for
visitors on 6th December 2008, the Earth Exhibition Hall in Science city museum
Kolkata is a semi-circular gallery. The displays of the Northern Hemisphere are
on the first floor; the displays of the Southern Hemisphere are on the ground
floor in this hall in Science city.  At
the centre , a huge model of the Earth is kept. It is one of the major
attractions of Science city in Kolkata.

2.       Space Odyssey – With a 3D theatre,
time machine, spinning platform, space theatre, Van-de-Graff generator, mirror
magic, and various other exhibits on space science – the Space Odyssey in
Science city Kolkata takes you to a whole new world. It also has a multimedia
kiosk on the solar system and a Helios Star Ball planetarium. The Time Machine
in Science City, Kolkata is a 30-seater motion simulator that has synchronized
audio-visual presentation.

3.       Dynamotion Hall – A large spiral
building that houses several interactive exhibits on physical science, the
Dynamotion Hall in Science City Kolkata takes you on a fantastic journey of
science . One of the best attractions is the huge piano on the floor which
creates music when you walk on it. Adding to this, you can make a soap bubble
float in the air, move a floating ball, peep into an infinitely deep well,
etc.  Within this Hall in Science city
Museum in Kolkata, there are various sections like Illusions, Butterfly
Enclave, Power of Ten, Nano Lab, Science Show, and so on.

Along with this, there is a 30-minute show called the Science on a
that is projected on a spherical projection system in this building of
Science city Kolkata. The show is dedicated to informing visitors about the
various environmental things.

4.       Maritime Centre – the Maritime
Centre in Science City Kolkata tells the story of the Indian Maritime, right
from its history to the on-going activities, and so on. Built in the shape of a
ship, the building is spread across an area of 700 square metres. The exhibits
that are displayed include scaled models, dioramas of shipping, navigation
systems, artefacts, and so on.

5.       Outdoor Science Park – An integral
part of the Science city Kolkata , the Outdoor Science Park lets the visitors
know all about the environment, animals, plants, and other such objects that
belong to the immediate natural surroundings; especially those objects that are
usually ignored in our daily life. At the outdoor park, the exhibits include
Caterpillar Ride, Gravity Coaster, Cable Cars, Monorail cycle, Road Train,
Butterfly Nursery, Musical Fountain, and other such aspects of physical

6.       Science Exploration Hall – Opened in
2016 in Science city Kolkata, it is a new building in the Science City. The
Science Exploration Hall is equipped with state-of-the-art and advanced
infrastructure facilities, comprising of four sections, namely –Evolution of
life, Gallery on emerging technologies, Panorama on Human, Science and
Technology Heritage of India

Kolkata is
the city of joy and with the plethora of places to visit there, the city just
makes your vacation amazing. And, Science City is a
place where you will not only have fun exploring but also gain a lot of
interesting facts about science.

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