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Dhakeshwari Mandir Kolkata – The home of Dhakeshwari idol Kumortuli

You can call Kumartuli the home of God and goddess, and probably you can experience that by walking through the gullies of Kumartuli. If you explore, truly carefully, you will probably encounter a secret place in the form of a small temple known as Dhakeshwari Temple Kolkata the Devi acquires a significant place in the history of Bengal.

The arrival of Devi Dhakeshwari Kolkata 
Let us go back to 1947 when Bengal was under several disputes and was divided into West Bengal and Bangladesh. At that time in 1948, a special plane landed in Kolkata from Dhaka which carried the Murti of Devi Dhakeshwari who recided in a temple of Dhaka. The small Murti was wrapped up in a box with clothes and papers to avoid Dhaka customs the murti was then taken to the home of Devendranath Choudhary who was a renowned industrialist of banga lakshmi cotton mill, Devi Dhakeshwari received its daily offerings and puja in the Chaudhary family. But after some time, the Chaudhary family acquired land in Kumortuli and established a dedicated Mandir for Davi Dhakeshwari in 1950 and named the Mandir Dhakeshwari Mandir. The Dhakeshwari Temple in Dhaka has. A replica of the original. Devi Dhakeshwari form in Kolkata but has certain differences in appearance. The Devi Dhakeshwari Murthy of Dhaka carries weapons in her hands while the Dhakeshwari Murti that resides in Kolkata holds only a Thrishul in both hands
The Dhakeshwari Temple of Kolkata in which Devi Dhakeshwari’s golden murti resides is almost 1.5 ft. Tall 10 armed and is an aspect of Devi Durga in mahisahurmardini form. Devi Dhakeshwari of Kolkata has Lakshmi, Saraswati, Karthik, and Ganesh on both her sides and Devi herself riding on a lion.
Timings(approx) of Dhakeshwari mandir Kolkata

Monday to Sunday – 7am to 12pm, 4pm to 7:30pm

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