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First trampoline park of Kolkata for both adults & kids – prices & updates

We have already published a blog exploring the first-ever trampoline park of Kolkata for adults, the activities, and the timings you can check out the details HERE. In this particular blog, We will provide you an update in detail on what you can do inside the first-ever trampoline park of Kolkata for adults, the activities, the rules regulations the norms, etc.

After entering the first-ever adult trampoline park of Kolkata, you will be greeted by an electrifying environment with music and a cafe (the items in the cafe will be full veg. No non veg food is available here and no outside food is available). If you want to have some food, kids will be greeted by a lot of games, activities, and a kid’s library. After purchasing the tickets you will be given a band, a pair of socks, a sticker, and the card which will be needed in the activity areas.
Apart from the ticket price you will be charged ₹1000 which will be recharged on a card and the ticket price will be deducted but you will not get a refund of the balance remaining on the card, the next time you visit this place you can use up the balance and you will also need to buy the socks which is priced ₹ 60 it can be reusable for the next time you visit the park.
Actual Ticket Pricing For 90 Minutes – ₹650 on weekdays & ₹750 on weekends

Things you can play and enjoy in the Trampoline Park of Kolkata

  1. Ladder climbing
  2. Rock climbing
  3. 3 line slide
  4. Donut slide
  5. Iron hanging bridge
  6. Pin Board
  7. Wall game
  8. Steel pipe slide
  9. Interactive sand pit
  10. Water trampoline

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