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Sourav Ganguly becomes the Brand Ambassador of West Bengal

On 21st November 2023, Mamata Bannerjee, the
chief minister of West Bengal passed on the crown of the brand ambassador of
West Bengal from Shah Rukh Khan to Sourav Ganguly at state business summit. The
former skipper had already taken over the headlines when he joined the Chief
Minister in Spain in the time of her business tour in the month of September.

The limelight on the centre stage of the inauguration of the
7th Bengal Global Business Summit was shared by an unexpected
celebrity face, West Bengal’s very own Sourav Ganguly. The former skipper of
the Indian Cricket team and former president of BCCI ravaged into business
world by picking up staked in a TMT- bar manufacturing company, had previously
been in the media spotlight due to being spotted with Mamata Bannerjee in Spain
during her important business meetings. He has also announced the setting up of
a steel plant in Midnapore, with lumpsum investment of Rs. 3500 crore.

The special occasion on Tuesday marked Sourav Ganguly being
crowned as Bengal’s new Brand Ambassador by the Chief Minister, a position
upheld by the Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan since 2021 and which was
passed down for a short period of time to the state’s own
superstar-cum-Trinamul MP Dev in March 2023. Sourav Ganguly was seated to the
left of Mamata Bannerjee amidst business tycoons and foreign dignitaries and
praised her for her support at each and every time it was needed. Sourav
Ganguly applauded the chief minister by saying that although she has a hectic
schedule, and a lot of pressure on her shoulders, it has been a rare instance
that he has not got a reply immediately when he texted her. Sourav Ganguly has
been touched by “Didi” care and affection that she has showered upon him.

reciprocated by declaring Sourav Ganguly as the brand ambassador of West
Bengal. She urged the him to embrace the positivity and script their destiny
with will power, while handing over the official state contract to a smiling
Dada on the BGBS inauguration platform itself. 

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