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Kolkatas Biggest Wow Momos Outlet – Wow Eats all under one roof

Did you ever think that Wow! Mono which was established in Kolkata would be one of India’s largest QSR chains. Yes, you heard it right wow momo has been serving Kolkata for many years, once started in Kolkata in 2008 at St.Xaviers College by Sagar Dharyani & Binod Homagai. Since then Wow Mono Has been an evergreen craving solution not only for the people of India but for India also. But Wow Momo of Kolkata has also given an emotional touch to the people of Kolkata through its innovativeness & adapting to the trend of what Kolkata wants. Since then Wow! Momo is unbeatable it has over 400 outlets across 19 cities in India with its headquarters in Kolkata and now to everybody’s surprise Wow! momo has opened the Biggest Wow Momo Outlet in Kolkata Wow Eats as we already mentioned wow Momo always has a soft corner for Kolkata and hence the biggest Wow! Mono Outlet of Kolkata & that too all wow brands under one Roof Wow Eats is a nice initiative by the brand Wow Momo because there was almost a Wow Momo outlet at major places in Kolkata and Wow Chicken and Wow China recently started growing & Wow Momo understood the importance of Kolkata taste buds surprised the people of Kolkata by launching Wow Kulfi also.

This Wow Outlet of New Market Kolkata Wow Eats is capable of serving all your cravings at one time from Chinese, fried items, Momos, Burgers, & kulfi. The Biggest Wow momo out of Kolkata Wow Eats can give you and your friends and family a grand feast. Wow Eats the biggest Wow Momo Outlet has an area of approx 6000 Sq Ft & 2 Floors & will offer its visitors a wide array of food starting from mouth-watering Moburgs to Grilled chicken & at the end finish up everything with a brownie or a kulfi. The Sitting capacity of Wow Eats is 200 people and an ample amount of free space is available along with self-ordering Kiosks & the surprise element of Wow Eats here is the Wow Kulfi, Wow Eats has a wide range of unique Cookies Nutella hazelnut, coconut, guava, coffee, Madagarskar Brownie, Lotus Biscoff, malai kulfi, kesar pista kulfi and many more

If You are looking For a pocket-friendly meal Wow Eats can be the best place to Satisfy your cravings:-

  1. Winter Combos starts at ₹199
  2. Wow China Bowls starts at ₹99
  3. Wow Fried Chicken starts at ₹149
  4. Wow Kufi starts at ₹69

If this is your first time visiting Wow Eats we would highly recommend you to try out the Moburg, Grilled Chicken, Herb Chicken, Wow Fried Chicken, Chicken Overload Sizzler

The Ultimate wonderland for foodies in Kolkata all under one roof (Wow momo, Wow China, Wow Chicken, Wow kulfi) at New Market Kolkata opposite Hogg Market is a perfect place for the people of Kolkata for a perfect dine-in experience.

Contact Number – +91 76040 53819

The Wow! Momo Legacy

The legacy of Wow Momo started one of their founders’ first meat at St.Xaviers College with an investment of ₹30000 at the age of 21 in the year 2008 in Kolkata on a 6 by 6 kiosk in spencers Mall, they also opened a Kisok at big bazaar ok rent then as the journey continued in 2018 two more people joined Shah Miftaur Rahman & Muralikrishnan as the third and fourth co-founder from the St.Xaviers alumina only after that the journey of Wow momo can be said has a growth hack to date.

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