Unravel India’s rich heritage at Indian Museum Kolkata


The history behind Indian Museum Kolkata

The Indian Museum is the imperial
and oldest museum in India. It is located in the heart of Kolkata. The museum
covers over 93,000 ft². It includes a wide variety of artefacts, paintings,
fossils and unique species of animals and plants. It has a very big library
that consists of nearly 70,000 books and manuscripts. It is connected with the
rich culture that developed an important role in Indian art. The museum is a
collection of different social cultural events and art that expanded after the
20th century. The Indian Museum as per Kolkata Tales is considered the largest
collector of mummies
. Prehistoric artefacts are a huge collection that consists
of fossils and tools. There are fossils of sabre-toothed tigers. It has an
extensive collection of coins, scientific heritage and the rich culture of
India. It was established in 1814 and was considered the oldest museum in
India. The museum was founded by the Asiatic Society. It was generally built
during tea British East India Company rule. It will be a good opportunity to
highlight conquest in India and display their cultural superiority. The
visiting guests can focus on folk art and ethnography. The museum is constantly
used for research in big universities. It consists of decorative objects and
sarcophagi that play a significant role in being a major attraction. The museum
constantly grew and became an important place for foreign visitors. There is a
certain Egyptian collection which is one of the popular collections of the
Indian Museum Kolkata. The British East India Company went about the
administration of the museum and expanded the collection. It spreads awareness
about the culture and unique objects preserved in the Indian Museum. It has a
zoological garden and an art gallery that has a collection of manuscripts and
photographs related to the history of India.

Why is it so important & the things you will find

The Indian museum is a treasure
trove for cultural aspects. It is a must-visit for everyone that helps in the
fascinating history and culture of India. The destination will help explore
several different things like Egyptian sculptures, textiles and manuscripts. It
is a home for a wide range of specimens, fossils and many more. The gallery
highlights different weapons, jewellery and costumes that are related to our
history and culture. It provides a glimpse of the people living in different
ages. It consists of one of the oldest civilisations and has a fast collection
of endangered species. The Indian Museum is located in the heart of Kolkata and
receives wide attractions from people living nearby as well as visitors from
other places. The museum has collected different coins from the Mauryan and
Gupta Dynasties
. It also includes wines from the period of the East India
Company. It consists of a wide variety of textiles that are from the Indus
Valley civilization. The Indian Museum holds colourful sarees from different
regions of the world. There are many natural history specimens of rare and
endangered species
. The anthropological objects found in the Indian Museum
highlight the diverse society and culture of India.

Indian museum Kolkata timings & entry fees

It is one of the destinations that
every visitor to Kolkata wants to visit. It is located in the Park Street area.
The Indian Museum can be easily accessible from anywhere in the city. It
explores the fascinating society and culture of ancient India. It conveys a
wide range of artistic sculptures and manuscripts from the prehistoric age. The
Indian Museum generally opens at 10 AM. It gets closed by 5 PM from Tuesday to
Sunday. The national holidays can impact the opening of this museum. The museum
is closed on Mondays
as well. The visitor is interested to visit or suggested
going through the official website for updated information. The entry fees for
Indian Museum Kolkata are extremely nominal. The visitors from India are
charged only Rs.20 per person. It is also low for children below 12 years of
age. The museum only charges Rs.10 for them. Travellers from foreign countries
are charged Rs.500 per person
and their children below the age of 12 years
might have to pay Rs.2 50 per individual. The Indian Museum also has SAARC
visitors. They are charged only Rs 100 per person and their children with 50
per person. The Indian Museum offers exclusive rates for a group of students
from certain universities or schools. They are required to have their valid ID
proof that appeals to certain concessions during their entry. Every visitor and
traveller coming to visit this museum is requested to purchase tickets for
exploring a good collection of things. The Indian Museum provides foreigners
with tour guides that help in exploring the museum in more detail. The museum
in Kolkata is appreciated for the diverse beauty of prehistoric India. It is
advised for people to come within the open hours and experience the rich
history of India.

How can we go to the location from Sealdah, Esplanade & Howrah?

What is the most convenient & cheapest way to go?

Indian Museum Kolkata is located on
Park Street which is only 10 minutes away from Esplanade’s Metro Station. There
are many convenient and cheapest ways to visit the Indian Museum.


The visitors are requested to take a
bus leaving from Sealdah Railway station to Mahatma Gandhi Metro Station which
is about 3 km away. The people interested in visiting the Indian Museum
suggested taking a Metro to Park Street metro. It is about five minutes’
walking distance from the Park Street Metro. There are many buses like 235 that
directly board in the centre of the Indian Museum Kolkata. One can also take
bus number 260 which directly reaches the destination of Esplanade’s new
market. It is about two minutes’ walking distance from the destination.


It is the nearest stoppage for the
destination. It is a very busy transportation hub of Kolkata. The visitors can
walk just six minutes away from the museum. An individual can also take a bus
from Esplanade Metro Station gate number five and reach within three minutes.


There are many buses available from
the Howrah railway station to Indian Museum Kolkata. It takes approximately 30
to reach the destination. It is time-consuming as well as uses less
money to reach the museum. Bachelors and students can take buses that go over
the Esplanade Metro station. It is hardly five minutes walking distance from
the Esplanade Metro. Buses like AC-50, S-23, and C-7 are affordable AC buses
that comfortably take a passenger to the desired destination.

Why should you visit the Indian museum Kolkata as a student? 

photography allowed inside the Indian Museum of Kolkata?

There are many reasons for visiting
the Indian Museum as a student. It will help in analyzing the rich culture and
history of India through sculptures and paintings. Students will have vivid
knowledge about other cultural heritage and things related to historical
. It is a great place for gaining educational experience through a
deeper understanding of the cultural context of India. It has a vast collection
of rare specimens that enhances research opportunities. The Indian Museum is
constantly inculcating academic studies and research for future opportunities.
The museum has certain rules and regulations related to photography. It allows
photography that is taken for non-commercial purposes. It restricts the use of
flash or tripods within the Indian museum. There are a certain number of
exhibits that have restrictions on photography. It might count toward copyright
issues and patent rights. It is always a good note to confirm from the staff of
the museum. Many types of exhibitions and sculptures can be photographed and
put on social media platforms for greater engagement.

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