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Experience the thrill and adventure at Apur Sansar Theme Park Kolkata


Overview of Apur Sansar Park Newtown

The Apur Sansar Park is a new theme
park in the Newtown area of Kolkata. The park has been dedicated towards a very
famous Bengali film “Apur Sansar”. The film was directed by Satyajit Ray. The Theme Park in Kolkata has been expanded over 1.5 acres with a wide range of
facilities for visitors. It has certain characteristic features that provide
consumers with a range of amenities that attracts a lot of consumers. It is a
great escape from the busy city of Kolkata. The people seeking peace will love
this place. Many well-maintained gardens are extremely helpful for people to
walk and jog. There are some play areas for the small-aged. It creates an
ambience that is rejuvenating and refreshing. It has serene lakes that make
the place more beautiful. The new theme park is also famous for boating,
birdwatching and photography of nature. It is generally a popular destination
for families, lovers and travelers. It will groom the environment with positive
impacts on visitors. The lush greenery found everywhere in the Theme Park
creates a more mesmerizing view. The Theme Park is located in Kolkata and has
an amazing food court that offers a wide variety of snakes to visitors. It
offers a very tranquil respite from the busy roads of Kolkata. The lush green
paradise attracts many visitors to view the serene beauty. It also has an
enchanting lake that is used for boat rides.

Location & ways to go from Sealdah, Howrah, Esplanade

The theme park is located in Action
Area 3, Newtown. It is generally in the northeastern part of the city. The Theme Park is easily accessible by autos, bus and taxi.


       The cheapest way a bachelor can
easily travel from Sealdah station is by bus. There are scheduled buses that go
by Beliaghata Main road.

       Bus number 260 directly boards from
Sealdah railway station gate number one and two. It provides an individual with
the nearest destination possible from Apur Sansar Park.

       An individual will hardly walk for
five minutes and reach his or her


       S-189 is a scheduled bus that boards
from Howrah station. It crosses the Shapoorji Bus terminus and reaches a
destination named Swapno Bhor Park.

       The walking distance from this place
is hardly five minutes.

       Many more buses leave from Howrah
and reach the destination within 1 -2 hours.


       People can easily take a bus from
Esplanade Metro Station.

       Bus number 260 boards its passengers
from the Shrish Calla bus stand that is two minutes from Esplanade.

       College students and passengers can
easily reach their destination in one hour.


Entry Fee & Opening Hours of Apur Sansar

The entry fee for this theme Park
generally varies from 0 to 600 per person. Different types of entry options
include general, express and combo. The newly opened Park has generally not
identified the current rate of entry on their website. It will be better to
take information from Kolkata tales that bring updated information about
different visits to Kolkata.

The Park is generally open from 7 AM
to 7 PM. Many people come to jog and walk. The entry timings can vary depending
on the specific entries and entries based on general admission passes. It may
vary from season to season, on some occasions and other important factors.

Things to you do in Apur Sansar

According to Kolkata Tales, there
are a lot of things to do in Newtown Apur Sansar. Different types of rides are
enjoyed by teenagers. The rides rights give an adrenaline rush to the
visitors that include roller coasters, defying gravity and pirate ships. There
are different types of adventure Island in this theme Park that offers a new
experience to the visitors. The theme park in Newtown has created go-karts, a
Bungee trampoline and a Ferris wheel. Different attractions in this theme Park
include feature rights and haunted houses that attract more customers to this beautiful
place. The theme park also consists of a water section. It consists of water
slides, a lazy river and a wave pool which are enough to attract people of
every age. The theme park has different types of restaurants and stores that
sell food. It encompasses a wide variety of snacks, full-time meals and
refreshing drinks. The park offers certain unique experiences and training
rights that form a range of attractions. The theme park has a unique atmosphere
and an interactive experience which boosts the excitement of the day. Apur
Sansar theme park has an immersive world that adds to the excitement of the
day. It has plenty of restaurants and food stalls that offer a wide variety of
local food items. It also comes with rejuvenating drinks that make everyone
fresh all day long.

Photography in Apur Sansar

Photography is generally allowed in
Apur Sansar Theme Park. The travellers and visitors were allowed to take free
pictures and capture every experience and moment within the party. However,
visitors are not allowed to record while experiencing certain rides. They are
prohibited from taking videos or photographs while enjoying roller coasters and
bungee jumping. It will be risky at these high-speed rides to think about
photography. However, this theme Park is extremely beautiful from the inside
and gives photographers a wide variety of chances to click pictures. There are
many aesthetic places as well as serene pictures that can be taken on behalf of
this beautiful park. It has become a beautiful destination that caters to all
visitors of different ages. It is an addition to entertainment and fun that
gives a bright opportunity for photographers to capture rare and beautiful
moments. The visitors are allowed to offer unique pictures of the park on
behalf of their experience. This is extremely important to follow the rules and
guidelines regarding photography inside the theme part. Overall, the theme Park
gives a great opportunity to create memories and enjoy the serenity with family
and friends.

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