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Indias first underwater metro service likely to start soon in Kolkata

The first-ever underwater metro of kolkata is on a roll to connect Howrah to Saltlake via kolkata it is currently working between Sealdah & Sector v. 

Just imagine yourself travelling to Howrah from Saltlake via road and you are stuck on the road due to some unusual circumstances, you reach your destination almost 1 hour later in the month of May June. But now you have an alternative of it you can cover the long distance of Saltlake to Howrah which is an approx distance of 10 km in almost half an hour, all thanks to the KMRC (Kolkata Municipal Rail Corporation) 
The most attractive part of the metro service is the underwater dive which is surprisingly provided by the twin tunnel down the width of the river Hooghly. To be more specific the passenger will be taking an underwater plunge of 1 km in almost a minute which will be a unique experience for everyone. 
The first ever underwater metro in kolkata will bring a crown to the city of joy kolkata, the journey of the kolkata metro started in 1984 with the motive to connect different places of the city. 
The first underwater metro of the city of joy is set to run this year in December 2023 & we all expect it’s in time to see the underwater dive for the first time along with the people of kolkata.

The Struggle and the success behind this project.

First things first the underwater tunnel which was the main challenging part of the project cost around ₹120 cr per km but the manufacturing of the tunnel was completely underwater and dug deep into the Hooghly River. The tunnel length is almost 520meter long & the diameter of the tunnel is 5.55 meters internally    
There were several hurdles and difficulties in the completion of the project but the Kolkata metro rail corporation managed every hurdle with trained experts along with some German machinery to make the first underwater metro a successful one.

Safety Feature:-

Although all the safety measures have been taken for the passenger’s safety in case of any kind of emergency situation underground a special tunnel has been made for evacuation purposes. several other technical measures are taken to stop the inflow of water in the tunnel like concrete, fly ash, micro silica etc.

How much time will it take from Sealdah to Howrah or ViceVersa?

The completion of the project with affect the people of the city of Joy in a positive manner by connecting the buzz between Howrah and Sealdah. It will also to some extent release the load of the local trains and road transport.
The new metro route between Howrah to Sealdah will cut down the communication time from 1.5 hours to almost 40 min

Latest update (16/04/2023) 

The trial run of the first-ever underwater metro started on the 11th of April 2023 & it was a successful trial. 
According to the latest information, we gathered two 6 coached trains that were run as a part of the Kolkata east-west metro project. The trail is approximately a 4.8 km stretch from Esplanade to Howrah Maidan. 
According to authorities, there is a delay In operation between the segment of the Sealdah – Esplanade corridor because it doesn’t have the electrified third rails yet. But Kolkata has a solution to all your problems the authorities can up with a solution of temporary tracks. Let’s make things a little bit clear all trains destined for Sealdah will operate normally & the stretch from Sealdah to Esplanade is pushed by a battery-powered locomotive & then the other half i.e from Esplanade to Howrah it will operate normally.

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