Sealdah Metro (East-West Metro)

Metro is India’s first & oldest
metro has started its operation from Sealdah.

metro started serving the common people on 13th July 2022
inaugurated by Union Minister for Women and Child Welfare,
Smriti Irani through video conferencing at
Howrah Maidan station
. The underground
station adjoins with the 
railway station
Indian Railways on its eastern side. The Sealdah
Court is on the west side of the station, and the Sealdah Flyover (Vidyapati Setu)
is on the northern side of the station. There is a pedestrian subway linking
the metro station with the railway station.

After many hurdles, Indian Railways have come up with a solution
for common people and especially in the IT sector . 
service is now available between the IT hub of the city, Sector V and
Phoolbagan and will be further extended by 2.33 km to connect Teghoria with
Howrah by going underneath the Hooghly River. A part of the metro line runs
under the Hoogly river and is the first of its kind in the country which makes
the project even more special
Sealdah metro is armed with eight
staircases, 18 lifts, and four platforms
& also has an island
platform that will help the passengers exit the metro coach.

 Stations  Covered by the East-West corridor to make life easier for commuters, especially those
travelling from Sealdah railway station 

of metro

Howrah Maidan

Howrah Station

Mahakaran Station


Sealdah station

Phoolbagan Station

Salt lake Stadium Station

Bengal Chemical

City Center Station

Central Park Station

Karunamoyee Station

Sector-V Station


• The whole stretch from Howrah to sector-V and vice versa will be
accessible to daily passengers. Hence the journey time will be reduced from 2
hours to 1 hour approx & as the communication barrier has been resolved
hence the two main stations of Kolkata i.e Sealdah and Howrah will become
easier to common people and will be easily accessible to tourists

• Makhakaran Station will make easy access to Burrabazar &

• Howrah station will make daily passengers traveling from Burdwan Naihati Baruipur etc. easy to access sector-v

• Howrah maidan Will make easy access to santragachi, salimar, shivpur

• Esplanade will make easy access to people traveling to south Kolkata.

• Sealdah makes daily passengers traveling from
Bongaon, Barasat, Asansol, Krishnagar, Shantipur, etc. easy to access sector-v

The minimum and
maximum fares from Sealdah have been fixed at Rs 10 and Rs 20 respectively.

Metro station to Phool Bagan Metro station 
– RS10

Metro station to Salt Lake Stadium Metro station  – RS10

Metro station to Bengal Chemical Metro station 
– RS10

Metro station to City Center Metro stationSealdah Metro station  – RS20

Metro station to Central Park Metro station 
– RS20

Metro station to Karunamoyee Metro station 
– RS20

Metro station to Salt Lake Sector- V Metro station  – RS20

Service Time(No Metro Services will be available on Sundays on this stretch)

Running Daily (50
eastbound and 50 westbound) between the East-West Metro Corridor (Green Line)
stations of Sealdah and Salt Lake Sector V

First Service

At 06.55
am from Sealdah to Salt Lake Sector V

At 07.00
am from Salt Lake Sector V To Sealdah

Second Service

At 9.35 pm
from Sealdah to Salt Lake Sector V

At 9.40 pm
from Salt Lake Sector V to Sealdah


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