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Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal , also known as the “ City Of Joy” is the evergreen heartthrob of all residents of Bengal. A cultural and industrial hub of the India, Kolkata boasts about its rich heritage which bear the footprints of time. “Kolkata Tales” portrays about the culture, hues, emotions and the buzz of the city with a hint of spice and flavor. 

You might be thinking that what is so special about this page? I mean, your question is a valid one since there are so many pages about Kolkata which offer quality content and great visual posts. However we think that what sets us apart is the visual portrayal of emotions, the current society and most importantly: human empowerment. Yes, you heard it right, HUMAN EMPOWERMENT! Its not women or men or transgender empowerment. we believe that for gender equality we must first start to address all genders are equal. Sexuality is a personal affair just like religion. Kolkata is secular where all religions exist in harmony, so why not every gender? Through our posts we try to reach out to as many people we can so that they can understand that perhaps our smallest of actions are heavily affecting someone’s life.

Just because someone does not look like the mainstream “Normal”, does not give anyone the right to ridicule them. “Kolkata Tales” celebrates uniqueness and struggle of every human being right from the grassroot level to the cream layer of the society. Right from the woman who suffered from a brutal acid attack to the young man who forced to commit suicide because of a false domestic violence allegation, everyone has their own stories. Every lane of the old North Kolkata was witnessed so many love stories of so many generations and if you lay your ears against the walls you might often hear the fluttering of the love letters and the soft giggles of the lovers who have perhaps met in the middle of the night. Bearing the memories of Hindu Muslim riots of 1946, Kolkata still stands tall with an air of majesty, peace and harmony.

Kolkata tales celebrates peace, friendship and unity. Kolkata tales celebrates Durga Puja and Bakri Eid with equal grandeur, because we, the residents of Kolkata believe in “baromasheteroparbon” which essentially translates to 13 festivals in 12 months. Kolkata tales depicts how The city of Joy welcomes everyone with open arms and how no one can deny the warmth of the city even the chilly winter days. No doubt most of the warmth is provided mostly by Nolen gurerroshogolla, koraishutirkochuri and the amazing chicken stew of Dacres lane.

Kolkata tales celebrates love and marriage, be it in any form. We deem that marriage between two men or two women is as pious as marriage between a man and woman. Love in any form is pure and innocent. However sometimes the society tends to point a finger at those who are different. Through our posts, we aim to preach our ideas of individuality, secularity and rationalism. Kolkata tales is a small endeavour on our part to bring about awareness in the society about the various changes in today’s generation and how every step we take can change the society for a better tomorrow.

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