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Bhoothnath mandir Kolkata – A 300 year old mandir of kolkata

The Bhootnath Mandir of Kolkata is indeed a sacred place in which lies the beliefs of many people of Kolkata. The Bhootnath Mandir of Kolkata is listed as one of the most visited and sacred places in Kolkata, this temple is almost more than 300 years old and is very important in terms of the religious beliefs of Hindus. The Bhasma Arti of the Bhoothnath temple of Kolkata is very famous and is almost 300 years old. The Bhasma refers to the ashes of the dead body. The devoties visiting here believe that to offer Bhasma to lord Shiva every day a dead body reaches the incarnation Ghat.

The Bhoothnath Mandir of Kolkata is just 1.5 km away from the Howard railway station and 1.1 km away from the Howrah bridge. The actual location of the Bhoothnath temple of Kolkata is Beatlemania. This is also considered one of the oldest temples dedicated to lord Shiva in the state of West Bengal. This Mandir is also known as Bhoothnath Dham and is believed that lord shiva presiding here fulfills everyone’s wishes, thus, this mandir is also known as Kamanapoorti Mahadev.
If you have true feelings & devotion towards lord Shiva then the Bhoothnath mandir Kolkata will definitely attract you. It’s basically a form of showing respect and Sraddah to lord Shiva by worshiping his form in the Bhoothnath temple.
On normal days you can enter the temple and worship lord Shiva in your own way by touching him along with Lord Shiva Nandi Maharaj is also present here people visiting this place also worship him and whisper their wishes in his ears. It is believed that the wishes get fulfilled.

The History Behind Bhootnath Mandir of Kolkata

It is said that the Bhoothnath mandir was established by an Aghori Baba living at the Neemtala cremation ghat. Initially, when the temple started its worship, there was only a shivling in the name of a temple, and people visiting there in those days used to worship and offer Jal Abhishek. If you go deep into history it came out that the shivlinga of the Bhoothnath temple is exactly placed above the cremation ground that is why whenever fire was needed during arti the priests picked up a stick from the burning pyre.
According to some reports in 1932, a committee was formed to look after the management of the mandir as the Mandir expanded in size and the number of visitors also increased. In 1940 a proper initiative was taken by the kolkata municipal corporation to construct the Mandir & the walls of the Mandir were built between the temple and the cremation ground one actually remembers the exact date of the establishment of the Bhoothnath temple so at the beginning of the new year it is considered as the foundation day of the Mandir. On the 31st night, the last day of the year Bhajan Kirtan takes place in the presence of lakhs of devoties.
The Bhoothnath temple of Kolkata shows its original colors during the time of Maha Shivratri and the entire month of sawan, Lakhs of visitors visit here every day and the no literally gets doubled on Mondays. The main attraction behind a large number of visitors is their faith in them and their devotion towards lord shiva, along with Nandi, Trishul, Damru, and many other forms of lord Shankar The arti inside the temple is done 2times Mangala aarti 4am in the morning & Sandhya Aarti 6:30 in the evening
If you are planning a trip to Bhoothnath temple of kolkata don’t forget to take the view of the Ganga. The Bhoothnath temple has many ghats we would definitely suggest you sit back and relax for at least some time and spend a quality evening with some snacks available at the ghat only.
besides that, you can also take a ferry ride to makethings memorable.
There are also many shops outside the temple selling different puja items that will be needed during the puja at affordable prices
LOCATION – Strand Bank Rd, Ahiritola, Beniatola, Kolkata, West Bengal 700005
TIMING – 5 a.m. to 9:45 p.m
ENTRY – Free
NEAREST RAILWAY STATION – Barabazar Railway Station, Sovabazar Ahiritola Railway Station
BUS STOP – Jorabagan Bus Stand

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