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Lenin Cruise-Floating buffet on ganga at kolkata

Kolkata is ready to give surprises to the city of joy and to spice up with the joy the city brings its first-ever floating buffet on a cruise over Ganga. This experience is brought to the people of Kolkata by Linen Cruise which is a restaurant inside the West Bengal tourism jetty beside Arti Ghat.

The cruise is decorated with lights and on the winter nights over Ganga it lights up beautifully. The Lenin Cruise is basically privately owned, it is not undertaken by the government of West Bengal. This cruise will offer you two packages both a la carte along with a cruise ride for Saturday and Sunday only. On the rest of the days, you can enjoy the food over the boat at the restaurant without a boat ride

Package details of Lenin Cruise

  • The first sunset package is the snacks package which will cost you around 699 along with it, you will also enjoy a one-hour cruise ride over the Ganga along with unlimited food and drinks.
  • Another package dinner package is a dinner package and will cost you around 1299. you will also get a 90-minute boat ride along with this.
  • The linen cruise is also available for private booking.
According to our preference, the sunset package is the best to enjoy along with the sun setting behind you. The golden rays of the sun fall on the holy river Ganges and the Howrah Bridge in front of you. You will definitely enjoy the food or the buffet over the cruise but more than that when you come out and come to the deck of the boat, you will enjoy the view of kolkata from the cruise which will give you a soothing and nostalgic feel to you.
Basically, you will experience the vibes of both Howrah and kolkata together surfing on this cruise. The best part of the Lenin Cruise is that it will take you on a tour from below the hour of the bridge which will be worth you every penny. After the Howrah Bridge, you will also see the Howrah station, the Polo Floatal Hotel, and many more heritage things in Kolkata.
Evening Cruise: 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Dinner Cruise: 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Location– Babughat, 8, Strand Rd, West Bengal 700001
Timings– Restaurant Open Every Day.
Cruise Surfing Timings– Saturday & Sunday Only
Timings– Restaurant Open Every Day.
Cruise Surfing Timings– Saturday & Sunday Only
Places that will be covered in Lenin Cruise

Millenium Park
Fairlie Ghat
Armenian Ghat
Howrah Bridge
Howrah Station
Ramkrishnapur Ghat

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