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Kolkata’s first underwater tunnel aquarium now celebrating Christmas

Kolkata’s first underwater tunnel aquarium has continued to attract a massive amount of crowd to itself with the eye-catching aquarium experience. Now on the eve of the Christmas carnival of Kolkata with the underwater tunnel aquarium. It has also turned its decorations on the theme of Christmas to welcome the new year with great enthusiasm. Moreover, the visitors of the first underwater tunnel aquarium in Kolkata will have a great day celebrating Christmas and also experiencing the aquarium.

In this blog, we will give you a detailed experience and walk you through each and every corner of Kolkata’s first underwater tunnel aquarium. First, let us clarify something this is not a museum or any kind of permanent thing, This is a mela in the Park Street maidan just opposite Don Bosco school, in which Kolkata’s first underwater tunnel aquarium is an exhibition. You need to buy tickets before entering which will cost you rupees 100 per person.

What you can see inside Kolkata’s first underwater tunnel aquarium

On entering the tunnel, you will get to notice many small rectangular separate aquariums in which several exotic fishes are kept, namely malavi cichlids, arwana, red spotted sevrum, red tail catfish, Marvel Senegal/ leopard Senegal, blue angel, feature fish, santaclaus parrot, sting ray, red belly piranha, rainbow shark, widow fish. After walking through those aquariums, the first underwater tunnel aquarium of Kolkata will give you a proper tunnel aquarium view which will mesmerize you and will make your day a successful one, while viewing it the first thing that attracts is the small fishes swimming over you and both on your sides with multiple colors just like a rainbow. After that, you will come to a section in which you will encounter some massive exotic fishes like alligator fish, big catfish, and many more.
Alone with the fishes, you will also encounter some big statues like things as elephants, gorillas, crocodiles, anacondas, whales, etc. which serves as a proper place for a photo session.
The first underwater tunnel exhibition started on 12th December 2023 and will continue till 10th of Jan 2024. You can visit this aquarium anytime between 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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