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Christmas celebration of patuli 2023 – “Christmas with kids for kids”

This year to join the Christmas carnival of Kolkata along with Park Street and Bow Barracks patuli has also come up with a unique Christmas celebration to encounter everyone. The long stretch of the road of Patuli has been lit up with colorful lights since the 23rd of December, the stretch of the road is decked up with food stalls and several other items which will remain till New Year’s Eve. To make the Christmas celebration of Patuli more interesting, they have come up with the idea of distributing cakes and chocolates to the kids by many Santa Claus.

On the eve of Christmas, the celebration of Patuli had a huge crowd to celebrate Christmas together. This new destination has come up to certain heights this year in terms of the Christmas celebration of kolkata. And to make the Christmas carnival partially more interesting. Bengali film star Dev along with several other artists joined the celebration at Patuli to celebrate Christmas with kids. Dev also celebrated his birthday here which made the occasion more energetic.
Since 2015 patuli started the Christmas carnival on a small scale. But as years passed, the intensity of the celebration gradually increased and standing in 2023. Patuli has come up with a position to challenge the Christmas celebration of Park Street. The place has grown over the years and is now on the list of one of the happening places in Kolkata. The Christmas celebration of Patuli is indeed unique and stands a little different from the other Christmas carnivals of Kolkata as you can come here sit back relax and enjoy the day also along with food friends and family
The 101 ward of Patuli has come up with a unique idea on the eve of Christmas to distribute cakes and chocolate to almost 25,000 kids this year. This year the Christmas carnival of Patuli turns 8 years & their initiative of “celebrating Christmas” for kids has also turned out to be a unique idea.

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