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Horror Tram of Kolkata – Kolkata International Film Festival

The City Of Joy never fails to disappoint anyone and on the occasion of Kolkata International Film Festival 2023, Kolkata is all set to run some chills on your backbone with the horror tram. On the occasion of the Kolkata International Film Festival 2023 & to honour the best Australian horror film Kolkata came up with the idea of The Horror Tram, The initiative is taken by the West Bengal Transport Corporation.

The Inaugural Run of the horror tram was done on the 6th of December after the inauguration of KIFF. This tram of Kolkata is paying tribute to famous horror films like ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ ‘Wolf Creek’ ‘100 Bloody Acres’ from Australia which runs a chill in every Soul on watching them. Seeing the efforts of Kolkata & the Horror tram Australian filmmaker “Rold De Heer” was amazed seeing the peace of Art & the efforts of the people of Kolkata behind it.

The Horror Tram in Kolkata is Brought to the roads by West Bengal Transport Corporation & driven by Pramod Narayan Singh (an experienced tram driver since 1984) & managed by Shaikh Naziruddin(a conductor of Kolkata trams for more than 33 years). In this tram, people boarded normally on the streets of Kolkata with tickets at normal prices. The tram also encountered several renowned artists like Rowan Ainsworth (the Australian Consul General in Kolkata) & Rold De Heer (Australian filmmaker).

The Interior and exterior of the tram “Horror Tram of Kolkata”

On looking into the tram from the exterior you will not feel the darkness, the main feeling of fear happens on entering the tram . The Exterior of the tram has some hanging hands with some Ghost Characters & instruments like an axe hammer etc. and the advertisement of KIFF 2023. On Entering the tram to take a ride feel quite adventurous, The environment inside is quite dark with red lights bloody themed interiors with blood on the windows skulls hanging along with cut hands and legs irons chains hanging here and there a full skeliton in the center with axe and sever other instruments. You can get the feeling of a slaughterhouse inside.

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