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Taste the art of Bengal – Hasto Shilpo Mela Kolkata 2023

 The Hasto Shilpo Mela Kolkata 2023, one of the biggest
heritage fairs of Kolkata has already started. This Hasto shilpo mela, will
continue from 24
th November 2023 to 17th December 2023 in
Eco park, New town, Kolkata. The timings are from 1.00 p.m to 8.30 p.m.

Set up in the huge area of Eco park, the Hasto
Shilpo Mela Kolkata  includes a lot of shops, from all across West Bengal. Each of these
shops features the culture of the particular place from which it belongs to,
thus providing the visitors a complete overview of all the things that every
corner of West Bengal has to offer. The Hasto Shlipo Mela Kolkata  is a big part of the
culture of West Bengal which is held religiously every year in the City of Joy,
and invites people from all over the nation.

The main attractions of Hasto Shilpo Mela Kolkata 2023
include exclusive acid hand painted pure silk sarees in the shop of “Haldi”,
stall no. 28 in Hasto Shilpo Mela Kolkata . This stall in Hasto Shilpo Mela from Purba Midinapore
features pure silk sarees, Batik silk sarees, hand painted sarees and Tussar
sarees. The shop in Hasto Shilpo Mela 2023, also sells silk dupattas and
scarves. The beautifully handcrafted sarees with silk seal are sold at prices
as low as Rs3850.

Stall number 26 in Hasto Shilpo Mela Kolkata 2023,
“Kallolini” from Kolkata is the one stop solution if you are interested in
copper repousse work. These beautiful artworks based on Indian motifs, gods and
goddesses are a must have in your indoor décor.

A small shop in front  of 
“darakeshwar” from Bankura in Hasto Shilpo Mela Kolkata 2023 o trades in
different trays ,cups, pen holders, key rings, kettles etc which are ornamented
in intricate work of colourful “patachitra”.  You can also find dupattas painted in
patachitra with prices as low as Rs. 550 at this shop. So if you are big fan of
handpainted objects, this small shop is s must visit.

The artisans from every district of West Bengal
takes part in this one a year gala event of Hasto Shilpo Mela Kolkata . All of these
artisans do not make a big name for themselves, but that does not mean that
their artwork is any less good. Ranging from “madur”, a local kind of mat
famously made in Midnapore, table mats, runners and varied items of décor and
daily use of objects, you name it and you got it in Hasto Shilpo Mela.

“Karubhasha” houses the awarded items in Hasto
Shilpo Mela Kolkata 2023. An idol of goddess Durga along with her entire family made of
Jute sticks which was awarded the first prize will definitely awe you. It is
prices at INR 20000.  This shop in Hasto
Shilpo Mela Kolkata  2023, also houses a painting by Gautam Manna, who was awarded the
second and third prize for his exceptional work in Batik sarees. A copper
repousse work of Goddess Durga which was awarded a special prize priced at INR
10000 is also present here. Another extraordinary artwork which might catch
your attention in this stall of Hasto Shilpo Mela 2023, are the small
caricatures and dolls made out of Betel nut and Rudrakhsha. These dolls are
shaped in gods and goddesses, cups and plates, etc, prized as low as INR 100.

A real time
exhibition of the art and culture of West Bengal, Hasto Shilpo Mela Kolkata is a
witness the hard work and passion of all the artists from all over the state
. So if you really
want to support local artists, then you should definitely avail this
opportunity of visiting this Hasto Shilpo Mela, in Kolkata with friends and

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