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Did You feel the shake in Kolkata , yes Kolkata along with Siliguri faced some effects of the earth quake.

Nature has planned the weekend for the people of Kolkata. People of Kolkata felt the shakes of the earthquake which originated in Bangladesh but the waves of the earthquake were felt in several cities from Kolkata to Siliguri.

The people of Kolkata are really worried about the shakes of the earthquake felt today, is this the beginning so something really bad on the eve of Christmas and New Year. According to the reports of the National Centre for Seismology, the earthquake in Kolkata happened in 9 hours and 5 min. 

But along with Kolkata, several parts of Bangladesh were also affected by the earthquake as Bangladesh was the origin of the earthquake according to reports. the reports tell that the frequency of the earthquake in Kolkata was very low and can’t be felt but the people of Kolkata are really worried about the earthquake news in Kolkata on Saturday morning.

The Earthquake in Kolkata has become a deadly nightmare for the people of Kolkata, according to Several scientists, and several reports have come out that not only Kolkata but also Howrah is under the devil’s eye Because according to several reports it has been discovered that Kolkata and Howrah have a vacant space underneath which is gradually increasing over time.

The tumors of the earthquake in Bangladesh were almost 5.6 magnitudes felt by Bangladesh and its neighbors. The epicenter of the earthquake was in Southeastern Bangladesh at a depth of 55km underground

To everybody’s relief, the West Bengal Disaster Management Department reported that there was no damage  or casualty in the earthquake

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