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Top 5 Kali Pujas of Rajarhat, Kolkata in 2023

The celebration of Kali Puja takes center stage as the festive enthusiasm spreads over the vibrant city of Kolkata. The suburban locale of Rajarhat offering a unique and diverse array of artistic expressions. Here, we explore the best Kali Puja that in 2023 has captured the spirit of the celebrations.

1. Nayapatty Aditya Smriti Sangha

In its 31st year of celebration, Nayapatty Aditya Smriti Sangha stands as a living example of the vibrant cultural patchwork that defines Durga Puja in Kolkata. As one nears the pandal, attention is captivated by the careful details that distinguish its essence. This masterpiece, which is made of wood shaves and has almost 7,000 foam tridents on it, creates an amazing sight.

Location: Nayapatty Aditya Smriti Sangha, which is situated opposite Technopolis on the street next to Azad Hind Dhaba, is home to a pandal that was originally used for Barrackpore Durga Puja.

2. Dashadron Byayam Samiti

In its 45th year, Dashadron Byayam Samiti has a beautiful Kali Puja pandal that is not only amazed with its artistic brilliance but also carries a powerful message. As visitors approach the pandal, they are immediately drawn into a symbolic representation of the human body’s seven chakras. The theme of this Kali Puja revolves around these energy centers, depicting how the delicate equilibrium of these chakras is disrupted by various human activities.

The central focal point of the pandal is a colossal human face with outstretched arms, spanning an impressive 50 feet.

Location: Once you’ve crossed City Centre 2, drive to the Chinar Park four-point crossing and make a right turn towards Rajarhat. Upon reaching Dashadron, turn left from Rajarhat Main Road.

3. Pragati Sangha (55th Year)

For those navigating the festival labyrinth, finding Pragati Sangha is a journey in itself. A turn to the right from Rajarhat Main Road, as you approach Narayanpur, leads you to the enchanting realm of Sourav Ganguly Avenue. This year’s pandal theme draws inspiration from the Albert Hall Museum in Jaipur, decorated with foam and colored stones on the inner walls.

Location: Turn right from Rajarhat Main Road upon reaching Narayanpur to find Pragati Sangha on Sourav Ganguly Avenue.

4. Gopalpur Naojawan Sangha

Skilled artisans have repurposed iron sheets, carefully creating them into two-dimensional shapes that represent a diverse display of insects, birds, and fish. The result is a visually stunning that captures the essence of the natural world.

Location: Located on the lane between the children’s park and the Pragati Sangha club building, this pandal is a recycled masterpiece from a Durga Puja in Maslandapur.

5. Netaji Sangha

For Kali Puja, Netaji Sangha’s choice to pay tribute to autorickshaw drivers is not just a celebration of a profession but also a recognition of the spirit of resilience and hard work that defines these individuals. The pandal’s theme and entry are adorned with 30 auto shells, while inside, monochromatic paintings of auto outlines add to the theme’s charm.

Location: Situated in Lalkuthi, Parthanagari, close to Naojawan Sangha, Netaji Sangha pays tribute to autorickshaw drivers.

During the Kali Puja celebrations in Rajarhat, every pandal tells a different story through its artistic creation, mixing traditional and modern elements. These top Kali Pujas offer an occasion for ingenuity and creativity in addition to representing the city’s rich cultural diversity, making the event visually appealing to both locals and tourists.

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