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Top 8 Kali pujas of Kolkata – Kolkata Kali puja 2023 update

As maa Durga descends her way back to her marital home “Kailash” the vibes of Kolkata along with the people of Kolkata fall down a bit, but the city of joy is always ready to bounce back and give the people of Kolkata a surprise with the festival of lights amidst the darkness. Maa Kali makes her way out to kill the darkness of Bengal and as the Kali puja to Kolkata approaches the city again gets electrified with light all around and the crack that gives a boost to the electrifying environment of the city of joy. Kali Puja of Kolkata is yet another festival that Kolkata & its people celebrate with enthusiasm. On the eve of Kali puja, the city of Kolkata gets ornamented with lights, oil lamps, candles, etc and the whole city looks awesome from a drone’s eye. If you are new to Kolkata and worried about how to enjoy the Kali Puja of Kolkata 2023 then this is the perfect place here we will give you a close tour of everything you should do in the Kali Puja of Kolkata. 

The top 8 Kali pujas of Kolkata you must visit

1. Kalighat Kali Temple Kolkata
Kalighat is assumed/believed to be the satis right food and is one of the top visited places of Kolkata during Kalipuja if you are planning to visit Kali Ghat during kali puja we would highly recommend you to take enough time in hand & to clear out things this is not a kali puja pandal you cannot expect any kind of themed pandals here . This is one of the most famous Kali temples of Kolkata

2. Dakshineswar Kali Temple Kolkata

As told above this is not a Kalipuja-themed pandal of Kolkata this is a famous Kali temple of Kolkata here you can watch the temple’s architectural beauty and spend some quality time in devotion on the banks of the holy Ganga.a huge festival goes on here on the location of kali puja and visitors are blessed with prayers & blessings. If you are planning to visit here on Kali puja we will recommend you to take time in hand .

3. ABS Sporting Kolkata
The chamunda Kali puja which is believed to be the most fearfull avatar ok maa kali is worshipped here. This Kali puja of Kolkata is famous for its giant and tall idol which is almost 30 feet the talls .This famous Kali puja of Kolkata more than 65 years old puja of Kolkata and it’s still continuing it’s Kali puja with the same enthusiasm 
4.Hazara Haat Kali Mandir
This Kali Mandir of Kolkata  is in shibpur, Howrah and is also a must-visit place during your visit to Kolkata in this temple you will find maa kali dressed up in a red saree in sahasrabhuja avatar which means one of thousands of arms
5.Chetla Agrani Kali Mandir
Chetla Agrani is a unique club in Kolkata that celebrates both Durga puja and Kali puja with the same enthusiasm. This Kali puja pandal in Kolkata is famous for its themed pandals creative idols and lightning
6. Girish Park 5 star Sporting club
One of the unique kali puja of Kolkata is Girish Park 5 star Sporting Club and the puja was scheduled to be inaugurated on 9th November, the theme for this year is AYOJON. The pandal displays an awesome collection of lights along with artwork/paintings. Goddess Kali here is presented in an awesome way that is truly focused on the art of Bengal.

7.Somen mitra kali puja
One of the oldest kali puja of central Kolkata, people of all ages will absolutely love the vibes an ambiance of the pandal

8. Fatakeshto Kali puja
It’s one of the most famous and a main attraction of Kolkata in terms of kai puja. If you are looking for more information we have written a blog dedicated to this kali puja of kolkata you can read it Here.
If you are done with the top 10 Kali Puja pandals of Kolkata and still have time to explore more then we highly recommend you to visit the famous Kali pujas of Barasat especially the Top 5 Kali Pujas of Barasat after that you can also visit Naihati as their are some awesome kali puja pandals there also especially the Boro Maa kali puja will never disappoint you.

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