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Kolkata’s New Space Science Museum: A Sight to Watch

A celestial paradise has recently opened to the public in the center of Kolkata. The Space Science Museum in Kolkata is spread over 7,000 square feet. It was officially inaugurated on Friday, October, 28th, by Rakesh Sharma, the first astronaut of Indian origin who traveled to space.  Everyone can learn and become more enlightened from this museum, which is not just for astronomy enthusiasts or stargazers.

A Cosmic Inauguration By Rakesh Sharma

When you enter the Space Science Museum, you’ll go on an adventure through space, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. The museum has a staggering number of interactive displays and exhibitions that allow all ages to enjoy and learn more about the wonders of the cosmos.

One of the museum’s main draws is a gigantic replica of the Chandrayan-2 lunar lander, with a close-up look at India’s lunar exploration activities. Visitors can view celestial bodies and far-off galaxies from the center of Kolkata because of the museum’s large collection of telescopes, which range from antique to modern.

Space Science Museum will provide a unique view into the world of space travel by showcasing rare space artifacts such as Mars rocks, an Apollo 11 model, and scientists’ journals. A real meteoric piece that brings the farthest cosmos within reach is another amazing sight. This brand new, “one-of-a-kind” astronomy and space science museum ranges from rocks from the Moon and Mars to strands of Neil Armstrong’s hair (the first person to set foot on the moon).

Discover What’s Inside the Space Science Museum

The 1200-item collection, placed on the grounds of the Indian Centre for Space Physics, also includes unique records such as handwritten journals and notes from Nobel Prize winners and renowned scientists. Prominent mathematician Satyen Bose’s equations written in his own handwriting are also on display, as are the private journals of renowned astrophysicist Meghnad Saha during the years 1950 and 1954.

The main displays also include a 370-crore-year-old bacteria fossil, aircraft of the Wright Brothers, autographs, and handwritten messages from notable scientists and astronauts from the past 200 years. There’s a special part that explores the planets, their unique qualities, and the mysteries they conceal for individuals who are interested in learning more about our solar system.

One cannot exaggerate the significance of the Space Museum. This museum in Kolkata is an inspiration in an era when space exploration is more important than ever. In addition to highlighting India’s outstanding advancements in space exploration, it ignites your people’s enthusiasm for STEM subjects.

When you’re in Kolkata, this newly opened space museum is a must-visit attraction. Understanding the universe and our role in it is more important than just about gazing at stars and planets. For both young and old, the Space Museum in Kolkata promises to be an educational, informative, and interesting experience. Now that the city of joy has opened its doors to this celestial wonderland, schedule a date with a universe and go exploring.

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