Kali Puja in Kolkata 2023: Date, Time, And Rituals

Kolkata, the city of joy, comes to life every year during the auspicious festival of Kali Puja. This grand festival is an ideal fusion of devotion, creativity, and cultural heritage. Kali Puja, which is sometimes referred to as Mahanisha Puja and Shyama Puja, is celebrated on the new moon day of Hindu Kartik Month. In Bengal, Kali Puja mainly occurs between October and November.

Let us take you on an exciting journey through Kolkata’s unique Kali Puja charm.

What Makes Kali Puja of Kolkata So Special?

The Kali Puja in Kolkata is not just a religious festival; it’s also a cultural spectacle. There are lights and decorations all across the city, which creates a magical mood. This big celebration represents the victory of good over evil, and it is dedicated to the worship of the goddess Kali, a symbol of strength and force.

During the Kali Puja, the people of Kolkata decorate their homes and other places with lights and candles and celebrate the festival by wearing new clothes and poppling crackers. This festival is special because it is observed in two different ways: the “Tantric” and the “Brahmanic”.

The coexistence of these two different forms of Kali Puja is what adds depth and diversity to the celebration in Kolkata. As you walk through the stunning streets and visit the beautifully adorned Pandals, you’ll find yourself lost in a world of colors, lights, and spirituality that leaves an unforgettable mark on your heart. This is what makes Kali Puja in Kolkata truly special. 

Kali Puja Date and Rituals

Kali Puja usually falls in October and November, depending on the Hindu lunar calendar. And, this year, it will be celebrated on Sunday, November 12th, 2023. Devotees get up early in the morning to get ready for the rituals. A crucial part of the celebration is the ‘Bhog’ or community feast, where people share a meal after giving it to the goddess. When the priests perform the evening puja, the beautiful sound of the “dhak”, a traditional drum fills the air.

Kali Puja Nishita Time:

11:39 PM (12 November) to 12:32 AM (13 November)

Amavasya Tithi Time:

02:43 PM on 12 November

Famous Kali Pujas in Kolkata

Kolkata is recognized for its unique Kali Puja pandals, each of which uses creativity and a diverse theme to tell a different story.

1. Dakshineswar Kali Temple: During Kali Puja, you must visit this famous temple, where the great mystic Ramakrishna Paramhansa worshipped the goddess. The architecture of the temple is itself outstanding.

2. Kalighat Temple: Built in 1809, the Kalighat Temple is located in Kolkata, and it is dedicated to the Kali. To satisfy her bloodlust, a goat is killed there each morning. During the Kali Puja celebration, hundreds of devotees come to this temple to seek the blessings of Maa Kali.

3. Girish Park: The most well-known Kali Puja Pandal in Girish Park, which is located in Kolkata and receives special attention from the Chief Minister. The idol is amazing and the pandal has a lovely design.

Make sure you take part in this remarkable festival in 2023 and experience the magic of Kolkata’s Kali Puja. It’s an event you will always treasure.

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