A Timeless Taste of History & Tradition at Nahoum Kolkata

The allure of Kolkata’s cuisine rests in its opposed reality, where, on the one hand, there are upscale restaurants with fine dining options, and on the other, there are quaint, British-era places that still draw large audiences. Nahoum & Sons is one of those old places and a bakery that has endured the test of time and continues to amaze both locals and visitors in the centre of Kolkata, a city rich in history and nostalgia. It is a bakery with more than a century of history. This article will take you on a lovely tour of the
Nahoum Kolkata’s past, mouthwatering delights, and timeless charm. So, here is all the information you want on Nahoum Kolkata, one of the city’s oldest at 121 years old.



The History of the Nahoum Kolkata


Since its founding in 1902, the Jewish bakery of Kolkata, Nahoum and Sons, has been an important part of Kolkata’s culinary landscape. The Jewish immigrants from the Nahoum family founded the bakery, which immediately found a place in the busy cityscape. A passionate baker named Nahoum Israel Mordecai decided to open a store in Kolkata’s busy New Market, one of the city’s oldest and most well-known markets, and that is how it all started. Since that time, the bakery has observed the city’s continuous transformation from British colonial authority to the thriving metropolis that Kolkata is today.


When Nahoum Israel Mordecai first immigrated to Kolkata from the Middle East, he first made use of his amazing baking abilities to sell cheese and baked goods door to door. He officially opened Nahoum’s and Sons bakery in 1916, as word of his delectable baked goods progressively spread among the colonisers and Baghdadi Jewish community in Kolkata. By the year 2023, everything in the store—including the original recipes, of course—had been preserved, including the floors, glass displays, and ancient teakwood furniture.


When you enter this famous bakery of Kolkata, you can immediately feel its rich history. The attractive interior design, which has antique glass cabinets and oak countertops, takes you back in time. The old photos on the walls depict a bakery that has served the community of the city for many years and has played a significant role in its social fabric. Even for first-timers, the sensation of nostalgia is difficult to ignore.



The Place Foster a Sense of Nostalgia and Attachment


Those who have left the city, as well as residents of Nahoum Kolkata, have a special capacity to feel a feeling of affiliation and nostalgia. For many, the pleasant sensation of being a part of something enduring is more important than just the mouthwatering pastries and cakes. One more thing about this place is that you can’t help but start up talks with other customers while you wait in the queue about the times you used to go to Nahoum’s with your parents or grandparents. 


The Jewish bakery of Kolkata, Nahoum’s, is more than simply a bakery to the people of Kolkata; it is a place where they may go to relive special moments. Generations have always had the bakery in their life, providing everything from Christmas goodies to birthday cakes. 



Factors that Attract Customers to Nahoum Kolkata?


The comforting and awe-inspiring atmosphere 


It is a unique sensation to go inside a bakery that has been in existence for more than a century. The old-world charm and antique furnishings provide a calming but inspirational ambience.


The feeling of familiarity and nostalgia 


You’ll feel like you’re a part of a treasured family tradition thanks to the warm atmosphere and courteous employees. Many people build their most treasured moments at Nahoum’s.


The Refreshingly Affordable Delights


Although Kolkata has its fair number of upscale bakeries, Nahoum’s is nevertheless pleasantly inexpensive. Without breaking the bank, you may indulge in a variety of sweets.


The Community Hub for Cultural Blending


With its location in the centre of Kolkata as a Jewish bakery, Nahoum stands out for all the right reasons. The city’s variety and tolerance of other cultures are demonstrated through this. Nahoum functions as a meeting venue for social and cultural activities in addition to being a bakery. Locals congregate there, and it serves as the community’s focal point.



The Uniqueness and the Current Owner of the Place


Kolkata’s famous sweet shops, which adorn every alleyway and community in the city, are the source of the city’s sweet craving. Nahoum’s was groundbreaking for introducing Western desserts, like brownies and cream puffs, and traditional Jewish and Middle Eastern sweets, like challah bread and baklava, to Kolkata. While the city’s dessert scene primarily consists of chhena and sticky, syrupy morsels of sweets, Nahoum’s was revolutionary for introducing Western desserts, like brownies and cream puffs. Finally, the city was beginning to accept its role as a fusion of several culinary masterpieces.


Nahoum Israel managed Nahoum Bakery until 1964 when he passed away. Following his death, his son Elias managed the business, and after that, Elias’s son David Nahoum managed it until 2013. Customers started to worry about the store’s future when David Nahoum passed away. However, his brother Isaac Nahoum took over and still manages the store, giving the remaining customers faith that this business will continue to be run in the family.



The Changes that Took Place Over the Time


Nahoum Kolkata has evolved with shifting consumer tastes over the years while preserving its essential values. The bakery has adopted new technologies for more efficient operations, even if the design still has a nostalgic feel. Now that there are online ordering and home delivery alternatives, everyone may enjoy their favourite delights, even those who have relocated away from the city. Additionally, by providing eggless variations of their well-known cakes and pastries, this famous bakery of Kolkata has also made an effort to respect dietary restrictions. They have expanded their clientele by being inclusive.



The Different Ways to Get to the Bakery


Esplanade, which is well connected to other areas of the city, is the metro station closest to New Market. There is a short distance to walk to Nahoum’s after getting off at Esplanade. Reaching a New Market is simple because of Kolkata’s robust bus network as well. To get to the market area, check the bus schedules and catch the appropriate bus. In Kolkata, it’s easy to find taxis and applications for ride-sharing, including Uber and Ola. You may get going by just entering Hogg Market or New Market as your destination. Additionally, a delightful stroll to New Market is possible if you are in central Kolkata. 

A Tale of a Family’s Love of Baking!


At Nahoum’s, you participate in a narrative that has been developing for more than a century while you indulge in the delicacy of your choice. It’s the tale of a family’s love of baking, a city’s steadfast devotion to tradition, and a neighbourhood that has found a home inside the cosy confines of a bakery. The Jewish bakery of Kolkata, Nahoum and Sons, proves that cuisine, culture, and the relationships they foster between people are ageless. It serves as a reminder that certain things, despite change, continue to be blithely consistent.

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