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Dariya Par: The South Kolkata’s Hindustan Club Theme for This Years Durga Puja

 Every year, as the festival season draws near, the excitement grows in the center of South Kolkata. The South Kolkata’s Durga Puja by Hindustan Club is without a doubt the highlight of this happy occasion for both locals and guests alike. This year, they have unveiled an extraordinary theme named – ‘Dariya Par’, which means “Crossing the River.”

Stay tuned, as the 61st annual Hindustan Club in Gariahat, Kolkata, is ready to reveal this jaw-dropping show, in which Durga Maa will be seen riding a magnificent boat.

Come along as we explore this attractive Durga Puja pandal and the mysteries that lie beneath!

Hindustan Club: Where Tradition Meets Contemporary Artistry

Hindustan Club, located in the Gariahat district, has long served as the center of attraction for celebrating the beauty of Durga Puja. It’s more than simply a religious festival; it’s a chance for people to unite, celebrate, and take in Kolkata’s artistic and cultural treasures. The 2023 edition is expected to be extremely remarkable.

You are taken to a place where tales and myths come to life as soon as enter the magical pandel of “Dariya Par.” The idea of crossing a river, both symbolic and literal, is central to the theme. The river represents the difficulties we encounter in life, and crossing it reflects our effort to get through those obstacles. The idea has been further structured by artist Anirban Das, and one must visit to witness how the pandal has taken shape.

The Divine Craftsmanship: Idols of Goddess Durga

The pandal is a lovely sight to behold and is constructed with complex details that look like a traditional boat. The land nearby appears like a riverbank since it is covered in colorful flowers and rich greenery. Additionally, the ambiance captures the essence of Kolkata’s cultural variety with a fascinating blend of traditional and modern artistry.

Hindustan Club’s devotion to authenticity is what makes their Durga Puja unique. The idols of Goddess Durga and the others are magnificent works of art. To ensure that God shines with divine grace, the artists have poured their hearts and souls into very details. All in all, they made each and everything with amazing accuracy.

Evening Celebration: Music, Dance, & Street Food

As the sun sets and the pandal lights up, the atmosphere comes alive with cultural acts, music, and street foods. A unique sensory experience is provided to visitors to make them feel better. Everyone is brought together in a sense of community as they celebrate the joy of Durga Puja with dance, singing, and heartfelt devotion.

This year, the puja now includes an extra theme thanks to the all-women committee, “Aamra Naholei Noy,” which marks the ninth year of women’s participation. The team is putting in a lot of overtime to make the magical trip of boats and river crossings come to life.

So, why should you not miss this unique opportunity?

The spirit of Durga Puja in South Kolkata has the answer. It’s a custom that unites the community and spans generations rather than merely being an event. The ‘Dariya Par’ theme pushes us to consider our individual paths, recognize our victories, and know the obstacles we’ve overcome. Moreover, it is a tribute to resilience and beauty.

The Durga Puja held by the Hindustan Club with the theme of “Dariya Par” is a celebration of our faith and culture This is an occasion when past and present come together, where the river’s boundaries are crossed, and a sense of unity is felt.

In the end, it’s a big opportunity for all of us to cross the river and join something truly remarkable. So, don’t miss the chance to take part in this magnificent celebration and create lifelong memories.

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