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Kolkata’s Kalyani ITI More Durga Puja Pandal: Unveiling the Grand Lisboa of China

Kolkata, the City of Joy, buzzes with energy and passion, especially during the Durga Puja festival. Particularly, Kalyani ITI More’s Durga Puja pandal stands out as unique and attractive among the other pandals that adorn this busy city. Every year, the residents of Kolkata excitedly await the announcement of a brand-new theme, and this year’s is no exception: the “Grand Lisboa of China.”

It’s a custom unlike any other. Every year, a group of friends, family members, and visitors gather at the Kalyani ITI More Pandal to celebrate the beauty of Durga Puja. The anticipation starts the month in advance as the volunteers and artists work passionately for hours to create the theme. And as the day of the opening approaches, the excitement in the air is noticeable.

So why is this year’s pandal about the “Grand Lisboa of China” making such a fuss?

The Grand Lisboa of China Theme

The theme “Grand Lisboa of China” is more than just a theme, it’s a journey into an adventure of a spectacular world. This year’s pandal, which is themed after the Grand Lisboa Hotel of Macau, China, claims to take you into the heart of China. As soon as you enter, an impressive design will leave you delighted.

The massive pandal, which is over 160 feet tall, has been under construction for a very long time period. The makers of this are putting a lot of effort and hard work into creating the gigantic pandal, working nonstop every day. The authorities are spending a lot of money to work on this and fulfill their vision.

In short, the level of pandal’s detail is amazing. The Grand Lisboa is well presented by the it’s beautiful design, lavish ornaments, and rich colors. To accurately make this legendary structure, every pillar, curve, and light has been carefully sculpted. You will be speechless for sure, after seeing this aesthetically pleasing feast.

The Kalyani ITI Luminous Club: Hypnotic Atmosphere

The commitment of the organizers, however, is what truly sets “Grand Lisboa of China” apart. The Kalyani ITI Luminous Club does all possible to make sure that guests take part in this glorious display rather than just watching it. The atmosphere is hypnotic, with Chinese lanterns creating a warm, fascinating glow, and traditional Chinese music fills the air.

You’ll come across details as you walk around the pandal that will give the impression that you are in the streets of China. There’s a Chinese tea house, where you can enjoy a cup of aromatic, genuine Chinese tea. The smell of sizzling street food tempts you to indulge in mouthwatering Chinese cuisine by floating through the air.

Children are playing games and having fun with the Chinese traditions, filling the room with laughter and joy. 

Why You Should Visit Kolkata’s Kalyani ITI More Durga Puja Pandal?

The answer is simple: It’s an experience that extends beyond the visual. It is both a trip into magic and a journey into the core of Chinese culture. The Kalyani ITI More Durga Puja Pandal’s drive for excellence and attention to capturing the spirit of the Grand Lisboa, provides a show that should not be missed.

The popularity of Kalyani ITI More’s Durga Puja isn’t just due to its beautiful looks and elaborate creations. It’s also because of the awe and happiness it inspires amongst the residents of Kolkata. The pandal of Kalyani ITI More serves as evidence of how powerful art and culture can be in bringing people together.

So, as the festive season already arrived, mark your calendar and be ready to be mesmerized by the “Grand Lisboa of China” at Kalyani ITI More in Kolkata. This is more than just a pandal, it’s an event, a custom, and a piece of Kolkata’s soul that invites everyone to take part in the celebration.

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