Floatel Kolkata: Where Tradition Meets Modernity on Water’s Edge

imagine: You’re relaxing by the window with a soft breeze stroking your face
and the tranquil sound of the river waves playing in the background. You have a
lavish array of mouthwatering food in front of you, and Kolkata’s rural charm
is all around you. Welcome to Floatel Kolkata, a thrilling and distinctive
experience. This restaurant, which is tucked away on the Hooghly River, is the
first of its kind in Kolkata and, in fact, all of India.


India’s pioneer in the world of floating restaurants


India’s first floating restaurant, Floatel Kolkata proudly wears this
distinction. It is evidence of how the eating scene in Kolkata is always
changing and how seriously the city takes its culinary offerings. The idea for
Floatel Kolkata was born out of the desire to provide the people of Kolkata
with something really exceptional that expertly combines tradition and
innovation. This innovative floating restaurant, which is housed on a
remodelled ship, draws both residents and visitors eager to experience this
extraordinary gastronomic journey.


Floatel had captured people’s attention when it originally launched in 2007,
perhaps as India’s first floating hotel. But afterwards, it was shut down for a
variety of reasons. The hotel has undergone extensive renovations after being
purchased by Hotel Polo Towers Group, a leading hotel chain from northeastern
India. It has been renamed Polo Floatel and is now a high-end full-service hotel
with The Bridge – Bistro Bar serving food all day long from a variety of


The captivating aspects of dining: Its location &
mesmerizing ambience


setting of Floatel Kolkata’s restaurants is among its most alluring features.
Restaurant patrons may enjoy an unimpeded view of the Hooghly River’s
ever-changing splendour since the building floats softly on the river. It is
impossible to match the mesmerizing atmosphere that is produced when the sun
sets over the city and its golden rays glitter over the ocean.


has taken use of its setting to provide its visitors with certain additional
services, such as boat excursions and history walks, for a fee. They
occasionally offer musical shows that feature performances of folk tunes by
performers from the countryside. You may depart with a customized picnic basket
from the Anchorage Boat Ride Deck for a private trip on the river. 


Facilities and amenities provided at Polo Floatel


from this, they provide some other facilities to make you feel comfortable and
make every moment you will spend there, like a boat ride, candlelight dinner,
city tour, laundry, complimentary wifi, in-room service and travel assistance,




amenity provided by Floatel is the opportunity to enjoy a boat trip down the
Hooghly River while taking in its beauty. The boat is furnished with vintage
items like a phonograph and a teapot from the English era.


To make
sure that everything is set up properly, they also specify a few terms and
conditions for boat rides, such as: Once tickets are purchased, they cannot be
changed or refunded. For a smooth admission, come to the location at least 30
minutes beforehand. If you’re feeling ill, refrain from buying tickets. No
outside food is permitted. Pets are not permitted on the vessel. It is required
that the jacket be worn. Even when wearing the jacket, one cannot stand on the


Candlelight Dinner: 


deck of their hotel is an excellent location for a romantic evening when they
plan a candlelight dinner at the Floatel.


City Tour: 


interesting combination of traditional buildings and cutting-edge amenities may
be seen while touring the city by boat. They also offer a knowledgeable guide
who will share his knowledge with you in order to further enlighten you about
the specific location.


Banquet and Conferences: 


event venues at Polo Floatel are all quite adaptable. A variety of connections
and combinations are possible between spaces that range in size from 210 square
feet to 7000 square feet. For banquets and conferences in Kolkata, Polo Floatel
has 16 large event spaces that can accommodate a range of sizes. For special
occasions like weddings, birthdays, and kitty parties, they also provide
open-air banquet facilities. 


Bridge Bistro and Bar and Sky Deck: 


are the two dining establishments at our floating hotel that provide a wide
selection of delectable comfort food and other cuisines. Along with various
beverage and hookah combinations, the floating eateries also provide food.


Guided tour: 


guided tour in the early morning will show you why Calcutta was known as the
“city of palaces” since it is situated close to the central business
district, a location renowned for its historic buildings. If you enjoy visiting
museums, the Maritime Archives and Heritage Centre, run by the Kolkata Port
Trust, is open to visitors with special permission.


The rich and varied culinary heritage of Kolkata


cuisine selections of Floatel Kolkata are just as well-known as it’s acclaimed
for its distinctive setting. The eatery takes pride in its extensive menu,
which pays homage to Kolkata’s voluminous and diverse culinary tradition.


Food of
Bengal takes the front stage in this context with its enticing variety of
tastes and textures. The cuisine of the Floatel Kolkata is a gastronomic tour
through the centre of Bengal, with dishes like the traditional macher jhol,
which is a type of fish curry and the delectable roshogolla, a well-known
Bengali dessert. A variety of the freshest fish will be cooked using
conventional spices and methods, delighting seafood aficionados.


Floatel Kolkata offers a variety of cuisines outside of Bengali food. Each
diner will find something to savour thanks to the carefully considered menu,
which offers something for a variety of palates. No matter if you’re a
vegetarian or a meat eater, a fan of spicy food or prefer mellower flavours,
the restaurant’s menu offers something for you.


An atmosphere of elegance and comfort


wonderful atmosphere at Floatel Kolkata plays a big part in the overall dining
experience, which is more than just about the cuisine. An elegant and cosy
feeling is intended to be created through the restaurant’s interior design. A
welcoming atmosphere is created by the combination of soft lighting, luxurious
furniture, and stylish design.


marine blue-themed reception area leads to a jetty that is linked with the
floating hotel and decorated with a lot of shipping-related decor. The hotel
provides a panoramic view of the Hooghly River and the opposing banks and is
nestled between the iconic Howrah Bridge and the Second Hooghly Bridge. In
contrast to its predecessor, the ship has a sensation of airiness, which is
encouraging to notice during a fast tour.


It is
impossible to exaggerate the importance of the big windows that provide
panoramic views of the Hooghly River. Whether you decide to eat indoors or
outside on the deck, either option will reward you with breath-taking views
that change depending on the time of day. It’s an atmosphere that creates the
perfect setting for special occasions with family and friends as well as
romantic evenings.


floating hotel is an eco-friendly combination of comfort and sustainability.
Viewers can see every wave on the Hooghly River and the Howrah Bridge, which is
visible in the distance and shows off its metal truss. With 73 AC rooms spread
across three suites and a breathtaking view of the Hooghly River situated on
Strand Road, Floatel proudly introduces Kolkata to the exclusive group of
floating hotels throughout the globe.


To make
an experience exceptional, Floatel offers a variety of accommodation styles.
Heritage Cabin River View, Heritage Cabin with Balcony, and Heritage Cabin with
Deck are the three types of rooms that are offered.  


Kolkata becomes a wonderful location as the night wears on. Lights from the
city start to shine, illuminating the sea in a gentle glow. Due to the lighting
throughout the restaurant, a warm and inviting ambience is produced. It’s a
setting where laughing reverberates, talks flow easily, and memories are
created against the shimmering skyline of the metropolis.


Polo Floatel provides a variety of banquet halls, well-equipped with
contemporary conveniences, roomy seating configurations, a committed event planning
team, and cutting-edge culinary selections for business customers and social
events like weddings and birthday celebrations. There are separate entrances
and breakaway rooms in banqueting and conference areas. Lawns and open terraces
with excellent river views are also available.


A symbol of Kolkata’s ever-adapting spirit


than just a dining establishment, Floatel Kolkata is a symbol of the city’s
evolving cuisine. It’s a location where history and modernity collide, where
the enchantment of the Hooghly meets the mouthwatering flavours of Bengal, and
where diners are treated to a magical atmosphere that is absolutely unique.


the image of the first floating restaurant in both India and Kolkata, Floatel
Kolkata has not only revolutionized eating in the city but has come to
represent Kolkata’s spirit of constant change. It’s a location where the past
and present coexist together, where the creativity of food meets the beauty of
the river, and where every trip there is an experience to remember.


be sure to book a reservation at Floatel Kolkata the next time you visit the
city. Floatel Kolkata guarantees a memorable dining experience that will leave
you with a taste of Kolkata’s rich legacy and a remembrance of the Hooghly’s
timeless beauty, whether you’re a native searching for a special night out or a
guest eager to explore the city’s culinary riches.

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