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Durga Pujo 2023, Kolkata | A Complete Guide with Road Maps


YAAY! PUJO ASCHE !!! (Durga Puja Is On Its Way!)

Yes, it is that time of the year when Bengalis can’t keep
calm! 😁 

The overwhelming sentiments wrapped in words “Pujo-Pujo
” (fragrance of Durga Puja in air), “Kash phool dekhli?” (did
you see the Kans-grass?), “Pujo te badi aschis toh?” (hope
you’re coming home for the festival) or “Pujor shopping holo?” (done with
Pujo-shopping?) becomes some of the commonest idioms of Bengal for the next few
months to come.

Bengalis from all around the world flock back to their
native home-towns, cities and villages. School friends unite, lovers meet,
families come together — love, joy and happiness wafts in the air.

Why? Because the most awaited time of the year in Bengal,
comes – Durga Puja!

So as we gear up to celebrate this year’s Durga Puja- 2023, Kolkata Tales
is back with its detailed guide for you on how to plan your Pujo Parikrama (pandal
hopping) through the heart of Kolkata.

What’s In It For You?

This ultimate guide will take you from the oldest Bonedi
Barir Pujo, to the must visit Pujo mandaps of North, Central and South Kolkata,
— we have also covered their history, significance along with a complete Road
Map. So let’s get started, straightaway.

Must Visit Pandal Lists In Kolkata | Durga Pujo 2023

During Durga Puja, Kolkata attracts millions of footfalls to
witness the magnificence of the City. The streets, alleys, markets, are so buzzing
with celebrations that without a proper guide map, exploring Kolkata’s famous
Durga Pujas can become very difficult. We have shortlisted for you some
Unmissable Durga Puja Pandal Lists of Kolkata in 2023.

For your convenience we have segregated them in 4 parts: 

North Kolkata
Durga Puja Guide Map

Kolkata’s Pandal List

Must Visit Durga
Pujo – South Kolkata

List of Oldest
Bonidi Badi Durga Pujo.

Top 5 North Kolkata Durga Pujo Pandals

1.  Bagbazar
Sarbojanin Durgotsav

It is known to be the first Puja of Calcutta organised
communally by people and not inside a Zamindar home. It was shifted in 1924 to
the junction of Bagbazar Street and Pashupati Bose Lane. In 1938-1939 this
organisation was privileged by the active participation of Netaji Subhash Chandra
Bose as the President. 

Location: 7,
Bagbazar Street, Bag Bazar Colony, Bagbazar, Kolkata – 700003 

Map: Link 

Bagbazar Ghat 

Direction: Take a
Ferry Service from Howrah To Bagbazar Ghat. Then walk For 5 Minutes To Reach
Bagbazar Sarbojonin.

2.  Kumartuli

Kumartuli Park is a must-visit Puja Mandap among the North
Kolkata Durga Puja Pandal List. Kumartuli, is where Durga idols come to life.
Witness the artistry that brings the goddess to your doorstep. It was
established in 1995. 

The Kumars make the Durga Idols with their own creative
hands and add a cultural milieu to enrich the tradition. These Idols are even
exported to South East Asian Countries, The UK, USA, And Canada for The Durga
Puja Celebration.

Location: 8B,
Sarbojanin Durgotsab Committee, Abhay Mitra St, Sovabazar, Kumartuli,
Shobhabazar, Kolkata-700005 

Map: Link 

Sovabazar More 

Direction: Reach
Sovabazar Metro And Then You Can Take An Auto To Reach Kumartuli Park.

3.  Hati Bagan
Nabin Pally Sarbajanin Durgotsav

Established in 1934 it is one of the oldest Sarbojanin Durga
Pujos of North Kolkata. It is known for its simple celebrations like ‘Sindur
khela’ where women sport red vermillion and smear a dash on one another.

Location: 11/1d,
Ganendra Mitra Ln, Hati Bagan, Shyam Bazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700004 

Map: Link

Opposite to HatiBagan KFC and Pizza Hut 

Direction: It is
a 11 min walk from Shyambazar Metro Station (Gate No. 4)

4.  Kashi Bose

It is a must-include in North Kolkata Durga Puja Pandal
List. The Puja started in 1937, before the Second World War. During that time,
Britisher stopped the celebration of Durga Puja in Simla Byayam Samity so
locals started celebrating in Kashi Bose Lane. 

Kasi Bose Lane Durga Puja Samiti has been awarded with
Rotary Rotaract Sharod Swikriti and under The “Most Innovative Puja” Category. 

Location: 5/1
Kashi Bose Lane Maniktala Darjipara Kolkata -700006

Landmark: Near
Scottish Church School 

Map: Link 

Direction: Take a
bus to reach Hedua Park and from here you can walk to your destination.

5.  Jagat
Mukherjee Park Sovabazar.

Jagat Mukherjee Park Puja started in the year 1936 at Raj
Ballav Para, in a garage. Today it is among the famous North Kolkata Durga Puja
Pandals. You can see Ganga Arati from here. It is a spectacular site to behold. 

It shot to fame with their adaptation of “Jolchobbi”, — an
Underwater World Theme. The design and aesthetic of the Pandal take you inside
a Submarine and walk through an Underwater World where you find Maa Durga
standing in the Water, in all her glory. 

Location: 1, Jatindra Mohan Avenue Sovabazar, Shobhabazar,
Kolkata- 700005 

Location: 1,
Jatindra Mohan Avenue, Sovabazar, Shobhabazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700005 

Map: Link 

Landmark: Near
Sovabazar Metro Station 

Direction: Get
Down At Sovabazar Metro Station And Follow The Google Map.

Also visit Ahiritola
, which is nearby.

Top 2 Central Kolkata Sharod Utsav 2023

1.  College

Surround yourself with the magic of Durga Puja while
overlooking the serene waters of College Square (since 1947). The Festival
lights up the whole of College Street.

Location: 564
Bankim Chaterjee Street College Square Kolkata -700009

Map: Link

Opposite Presidency University

Direction: Take
Any Bus To Reach College Street, and walk towards the Medical College. On the
left is the College Square.

2.  Md Ali Park

Join the crowd at Md. Ali Park, where the spirit of unity
and cultural as well as communal harmony takes centre stage. (Established in

Location: 41 A,
Tara Chand Dutta Street Kolkata- 700073

Map: Link

Landmark: Near
Mahatma Gandhi Metro Station 

Direction: Take
Metro and reach MG Road Metro. Walk for 5 Minutes.

5 Best South Kolkata Durga Pujo Guide Map 2023

1.  Ekdalia
Evergreen Club

Start With Ekdalia Evergreen Club Durga Puja. It is one of
the top Durga Pujas in South Kolkata. This Durga puja was established in the
year 1943. They generally choose the theme of ancient paintings and world
heritage sites.

Location: 15,
Ekdalia Rd, Ekdalia, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019

Landmark: Near

Map: Link

Direction: Take
Metro to Kalighat Metro Station. From the metro station take an auto till
Gariahat. It is 2 mins walk from Gariahat.

2.  Singhi Park
Sarbojanin Durga Puja Committee:

Situated just opposite Ekdalia Evergreen Club, Singhi Park
is one of the famous Durga Pooja of South Kolkata. The illustrious history of
Singhi Park Durga Puja dates back to 1941. Idol made by Shri Pradeep Rudra Pal
is one of the main attractions of this club. Bright lights and vibrant colours
create a magical surrounding.

Location: 5 Ramani
Chatterjee, Dover Ln, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

Landmark: Near

Map: Link

Direction: From
Ekdalia Evergreen Club it is a 5 min walk. You can follow the map link shared

3.  Deshapriya

Next, you can move ahead to Deshapriya Park’s Pujo, which is
known for South Kolkata’s tallest idol, against a backdrop of breathtaking
illumination. The themes here are a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

G993+C9P, Motilal Nehru Rd, Manoharpukur, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

Map: Link

Deshapriya Park

Direction: It is
around 1.2kms from Singhi Park Pujo Pandal. You can take an auto from Gariahat
to Deshapriya park or preferably if you can walk it is not more than 12-15 mins

4.  Tridhara

Tridhara Sammilani Durga Puja is an age-old puja of South
Kolkata which started way back in 1947. The puja is organised at the crucial
intersection point of three roads the Rash Behari Avenue, Manohar Pukur Road
and Mahanirban Road.

Location: Shop
Number 76B, Near Deshapriya Park, Satyendranath Mazumder Sarani, Dover Terrace,
Kolkata, West Bengal 700025

Map: Link

Landmark: Behind
Deshapriya Park

Direction: It is
just 200m from Deshapriya Park.

5.  Mudiali

With A long history of 89 years, Durga Puja of this club is
one of the must-visits in Kolkata. During Durga Puja 5 to 7 lacs devotees visit
this pandal every day.

Location: 37, SR
Das Rd, Mudiali, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026

Map: Link

Landmark: Behind
Menoka Cinema Hall

Direction: It is
around 1.5 kms from Tridhara. You can take an auto till Rashbihari and then
another auto from Rashbihari to Mudiali. It generally takes 20 mins to walk.


Also visit Shiv
Mandir Sarbojanin
just 400m from Mudiali. Suruchi Sangha, Behala Notun
are other attractions of South Kolkata Durga Puja.

List of Kolkata’s Oldest Bonidi Badi Pujos You Must

Sova Bajar Raj

Saborno Roy

Chatu Babu Latu

Rani Rashmani

Thanthania Dutta

Don’t Miss The Beckoning Durga Puja 2023

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Kolkata’s Durga Puja
promises memories that will last a lifetime. Follow our road maps and explore
the city with ease. It’s time to embrace the spirit of Maa Durga and become a
part of Kolkata’s pulsating heartbeat.


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