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Durga Puja Carnival 2023 in Kalyani, Nadia: Must-Visit Place in Kolkata

As the air turns crisp and the calendar inches closer to the grand finale, the heartbeats of Kalyani, Nadia, grow with anticipation. The whole city is buzzing with excitement as the Durga Puja Carnival approaches. This annual extravaganza, an integral part of part of Durga Puja carnival, holds a special place in the hearts of its residents. It’s not just an event; it’s an emotion.

After puja, the state government has been hosting carnivals for the past few years. This carnival is being held in Kolkata on Red Road. In addition, since last year, the farewell of Maa Durga has begun in many districts. Similarly, the puja carnival is being performed in Nadia’s Kalyani.

Grand Durga Puja Carnival in Kalyani, Nadia

The Durga Puja carnival in Kalyani, Nadia, is a spectacle like no other. The bright and amazing festival that has brought communities, families, and friends together throughout Bengal will come to an end when the sun sets on October 26th, 2023. For the people of Kalyani, it marks the beginning of a new chapter of waiting, anticipation, and beloved memories.

Durga Puja is basically the last lagna present. However, there is no shortage of enthusiasm and excitement among the people over the Puja at Luminous Club in Kalyani ITI Junction. At whatever time of day, morning or night, Luminous Club’s pandal area is bustling with guests.

But practically, everyone will be wondering whether to attend Kalyani’s ITI Corner Luminous Club carnival. However, at the time this article is being written, nothing is certain regarding it. The club’s secretary, Amit Biswas, stated that no decision has been made officially about participation in the carnival as of yet. The puja committee of the club will make a decision on this only after deliberation.

Kalyani’s ITI Corner Luminous Club Carnival

The Luminous Club pandal at ITI junction this year is, coincidently, themed after the luxurious Grand Lisboa Macau in China. Puja mandap has been created by artists using various-sized glass and additional materials, with the enhancement of superb lightning. This club has already been crowned the district’s best puja.

Walking through the streets adorned with artistic pandals, sparkling lights, and the mesmerizing aroma of street food, one can’t help but be fascinated by the beauty and grandeur of the carnival. Families come together, and friends reunite to be part of this grand spectacle.

The emotional climax of the carnival of Kalyani, Nadia is reached on the day of farewell, known as ‘Vijaya Dashami.’ The moment the idol of Goddess Durga goes under the river symbolizes the return to her heavenly spot. The parade ceremony is a spectacle in itself, with the beats of dhak resonating in the hearts of those watching.

At last, the Durga Puja Carnival isn’t just about an event coming to a close; it’s about a new beginning – a promise of joy, celebration, and togetherness that awaits in the future. So, as we bid farewell to Durga Puja Carnival 2023 in Kalyani, let the feelings and memories warm our hearts, knowing that the spirit of this grand celebration will live on, year after year. 

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