Kolkata’s Top 5 Rooftop Cafes With Breathtaking Experience

Kolkata's Top 5 Rooftop Cafes With Breathtaking Experience

Unveiling Kolkata’s Elevated Culinary Delights

Welcome to the City of Joy, where history,
culture, and art intertwine to create a vibrant tapestry of experiences. Amidst
the bustling streets and charming bylanes, is a treasure trove of hidden gems
waiting to be explored almost at every corner of the city.

Kolkata, with its rich heritage and lively
atmosphere, emerges with the ever dynamic trends of urban evolution. This era
of “experience” and “instagrammable” moments has led the pursuit of unique
dining experience to new heights. Yes, you got that right, we are talking about
the rooftop cafes, the open air lounges and restaurants with exquisite dining

Whether you’re a local or a traveller seeking
an authentic Kolkata experience, whether you are up for a quick bite or a
romantic date night, we have got you covered in this blog. But before delving
into some stunning open-air cafes let us briefly scroll through its history and
its significance.

History of Rooftop Cafes

In the bustling metropolises of ancient Rome,
rooftop gardens adorned the upper levels of affluent households, providing a
serene escape from the city’s chaos. The concept of elevated dining spaces
continued to captivate cultures over the centuries. The lush “char
bagh” tradition of Persian gardens, for instance, introduced elevated
terraces where royalty could revel in both gastronomy and nature.

The late 19th century saw New York City’s
iconic “Roof Garden” atop the Madison Square Garden complex
epitomizing this trend, and becoming a symbol of the Jazz Age’s exuberance and

By the 20th century, rooftop cafes evolved
beyond just opulent hotels. A more casual, Bohemian atmosphere emerged with
artists and intellectuals seeking unconventional spaces to gather, discuss, and

Fast forward to the present day, rooftop cafes
have become an integral part of cities’ culinary and social landscapes. These
spaces offer more than just food and drink – they provide an escape from the
urban hustle, a breath of fresh air amidst concrete jungles.

Why are Rooftop Cafes so Famous?

The widespread popularity of rooftop cafes is
a testament to humanity’s yearning for both elevation and connection – a desire
to rise above the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary while remaining rooted
in the rhythms of urban life. It also caters to the innate desire for spaces
that foster free expression and counterculture movements.

From a business perspective, rooftop cafes act
as a lucrative revenue generator due to the high beverage-to-food ratio.
Patrons also tend to spend longer hours in a rooftop bar or restaurant, which
invariably results in higher spend. It is an absolute win-win deal for all the
parties— the F&B industry, the Real estate, the Service industry and of
course at the end of the day, the Customers, so why not?

Best Insta-worthy Rooftop Cafes in

If you’re a fan of Instagram-worthy moments,
tantalizing flavors, and a touch of the unconventional, these rooftop cafes are
a must-visit on your journey through the city. In this guide, we’ll take you on
a virtual tour of some of the most amazing rooftop cafes in Kolkata that not
only provides delectable cuisines but also offers a stunning view of the city’s
skyline, each with its unique ambiance, cuisine, and charm.

1. Wise Owl: Where Wisdom Meets Flavor

Our journey begins with Wise Owl, arguably the
best rooftop terrace in Kolkata that is tucked away in the heart of the city.
Perched atop a charming old building on Purna Das Road, Wise Owl combines the
nostalgia of Kolkata’s history with the excitement of modern culinary delights.
The cafe’s panoramic rooftop view creates a spellbinding backdrop, perfect for
relaxing evenings with your loved ones. As the sun sets, the skyline transforms
into a canvas of colors that complements the gastronomic artistry on your
plate. The menu, a symphony of global cuisines, is a testament to the city’s
cosmopolitan nature.

The long, L-shaped alfresco space is adorned
with bright and striking owl-themed wall art and posters, giving it a rustic
yet chic décor.

From mouth watering street food-inspired dishes
to innovative cocktails, Wise Owl promises to tantalize your taste buds while
keeping your camera busy. Whether you’re a history buff, a food enthusiast, or
a seeker of aesthetic beauty, Wise Owl has something for everyone.

for 2:
approx INR 1200

Timing: 7:30am—10:45pm

Fish & Chips

Purna Das Road.

2. Cafe Adda Ghor: Where Conversations
Merge with Clouds

For those seeking a cafe that truly embodies
the spirit of Bengali “Adda” Culture (informal conversations), Cafe Adda
Ghor is a paradise. Nestled on a rooftop, this cafe captures the essence of
Kolkata’s intellectual discourse that flows as freely as the breeze. The aroma
of freshly brewed coffee intermingles with the crisp evening air as you engage
in discussions, from  literature to
politics. It’s a place where friendships form over shared ideas and a cup of

The café’s dedication to preserving the city’s
cultural heritage while adding a modern twist makes it an ideal spot for anyone
seeking an authentic Kolkata experience that transcends time.

for 2:
approx INR 1200

Timing: 11:00am—9:30pm

Macher Chop, Mangsher Ghugni with Darjeeling cha.


3. The Cannisters: A Gastronomic
Symphony Under the Stars

The Cannisters is not just a cafe; it’s a sure
addition of glam and glitz to your Instagram feed. Such is the Cafe’s success,
that it has already opened up its second open-air outlet, at Kalikapur, South

Recycled products have been used to build this
outlet. With a perfect blend of aesthetics and artistry, it has managed to
marshall scrappy shipping containers to construct the haven. The eco-conscious
cafe radiates a profound artful decor, adorned with art pieces, ambient
lighting, recycled tires, glass bottles, flower pots, verdant plants, wall
murals, and other artistic elements.

The place looks straight out of Pinterest and
you won’t believe that it was previously a shipping container.

The Cannisters invite you to embrace your
inner artist while enjoying a meal that’s a masterpiece in itself. From Chinese
to Italian and some tempting fast foods, The Canisters serves it all. If you
are into beverages then its wide range of choices will be a real treat for you!

for 2:
approx INR 600

Timing: 2:30 PM–10:30  PM (Salt Lake), 1 PM–10:30  PM (Kalikapur)


Saltlake, Kalikapur

4. Cafe Offbeat: Where Quirkiness
Meets Elegance

If you like to gaze at the playful blend of
the crimson sky, and watch the Sunset pass by, Cafe Offbeat is just the place
for you. The cherry on top is that the cafe overlooks a lake that stages the
perfect reflection of the ever changing colours of the sky— gradually making
way for the city lights as the evening approaches. It is one of those rare
precious spots of the city to devour the Sunset from.

With its eclectic decor and innovative dishes,
this rooftop cafe promises a delightful evening. From the moment you step in,
you’re transported to a world where every corner tells a story. The place is
vibrant, spacious, and is decorated using refurbished furniture.

Cafe Offbeat offers several cuisines along
with in-house cocktails, mocktails & coffees. If you’re a food adventurer
looking to unravel the mysteries of taste, this rooftop café should be your
next destination.

for 2:
approx INR 1600

Timing: 12:00 PM–10:30  PM

Mocktails and Starters

EM By Pass

5. Cloud Social: A Medley of Tastes
and Tunes

Our journey concludes with Cloud Social, an
urban oasis with a blend of opulence and comfort.  Located in one of the busiest streets in
South Calcutta, the Rashbihari Avenue, the café epitomizes elegance, grandeur
and sophistication. It spreads over a massive 17,000 sq ft. and has over 300
seats making it a perfect destination for cocktail parties or birthday
celebrations. Neatly adorned with gorgeous furniture and even a Jacuzzi, it is
one of the posh rooftop lounges of Kolkata.

They are known for their array of delicious
veg cuisines. They also offer other cuisines such as Indian, Lebanese and

It has a separate smoking section equipped
with hookahs.

for 2
: approx INR 2000

Timing: 12:00 PM–11:30  PM

: Paan Cigar Roll


Explore the City’s Skyline Today

So plan your visit now and let the city’s
skyline be your backdrop to a memorable appetite.

Share your moments with us (tag us on our
insta page: KolkataTalesOfficial) and let the world know
about your journey through the City of Joy’s most insta-worthy rooftop cafes.

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